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    Every summer I go through a list of ‘extra-curricular’ things I would love to do, but there are so many (and plus fitting in extra learning is a must), so I ask my fellow coffee sippers: Which would you do first:

    1) Musical instrument lessons

    2) Voice lessons

    3) Swimming lessons (I had asthma as a child, and the pool was one of my worst triggers, but B”H I’ve grown out of it)

    4) Reading all those new books Feldheim and Artscroll interest me with on an annual basis- Learning Torah can come in many forms!

    5) Bike riding

    6) etc. – feel free to add something I may have missed


    In case you were wondering why I have extra free time- The field in which I work lessens considerably in the summer, prompting this inquiry……


    swimming then bike riding. they will make you feel like it’s summer.

    YW Moderator-42



    Uh, Mr. Moderator…if you want to remove the title of “occasional”, I would suggest watching what you post 😉


    Anyone out there want to help a fellow Yid?????


    How about the Ruchniyus part??? More learning. chessed. finding people in need and alleviating… Bikur Choilim…..


    Thank you for the mussar. Although the profession I am in is a ‘helping’ profession, I do need to think outside the box and see the ‘olam chesed yibaneh’ to find more opportunities. But, I try to keep my gasmiyus in check throughout the year and am looking to see which one of my childhood dreams I should approach first. I intend to use all of them l’shem shamayim….Now, any suggestions???


    They all sound good. You should probably start with the swimming because that’s considered something you’re supposed to know for pikuach nefesh reasons. After that, just do whichever one you feel would be the most fulfilling, or whichever one will reinvigorate you the most. Only you know youself and what you have time for so it’s sort of hard to give advice. I say pick one or two of the “lesson” ones, and then you can fill in the rest of your free time with an occassional bike ride or with catching up on some reading.


    My personal favorite summer pastime is trail walking. If you’re in the NY / NJ area, there are dozens of trails (all lenghts and levels) you can choose from if you google nynjtc (NY / NJ Trails Conference)

    Harriman state park is about 20 minutes past Monsey, and has loop trails that can be done in under 3 hours by anyone in semi-decent shape.


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    Outdorrs. sky. horizon. nature.. water. The soul resonates with connecting with the Master of it all……….. Connect. introspect.. commune… it enervates and energizes


    Thank you. These are the suggestions I was looking for.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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