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    Summer is almost here and I was wondering what peoples plans are, are you going to travel, stay local or go to summer homes?
    I know there is a lot of pressure from tourist dependent area such as Niagara Falls, Banff and Nova Scotia in Canada that begging to have a normal summer, the tourism secor in Israel is hurting and they are pushing to reopen for the summer, Europe is slowly reopening, US is open but last years bargains won’t be there.


    I am planning to travel to Baghdad and Ramadi to review latest writings from Sura and Pumbedita, then a quick stop in Lithuania with Chafetz Chaim, review what the Kohen Gadol is doing in Parhedrin.

    Then, I’ll thank Hashem for creating so many thionmgs for us and go visit all places within driving distance.

    Hafetz Haim eventually decided not to settle in an apartment on Rehov Hafetz Haim in Petach-Tikwa in order not to cause problems to other people. [if I go to Petach-Tikwa, then I wll need to go to Yerushalaim. Then, if I’ll got to first Old Yushuv, Moshav Rav Kook will not use Misha Berurah, and vice versa – better that Mishna Berurah be in EY than me personally].

    So, don’t cause problems.


    @AAQ, I was planning to travel Afghanistan and Pakistan but I could not find space on the flights so my second choice was Sudan and Yemen, but I ended up buying tickets to Costa Rica check on godaven if you want to join me, last summer was amazing I davened with a minyan in the Grand Canyon, Bryce, Lake Powell [60 people] and Zion National Park [ im a tziony].
    PS if you join me my minyan does not require masks but I provide leckach and pronfent after davening


    CS, try Afghanistan, you may still get a ride with SOCOM planes, although now they will be hiding from both Osama’s students and O’Biden’s minders. Most villages have enough place for SD, pashtuns are very welcoming. Taliban takes care of annoying liberals and AZ, so you can relax and smoke what you grow.

    As to the minyan, I am very disturbed. I am not comfortable joining a minyan with people who were doing AZ and shfihut damim, even after I apply a liberal dose of l’tzad shut justifications. Even if I judge l’tzad shut, I need to be sure hat Hashem does the same, otherwise joining a voice with them is a waste of time and tefilah. So, given prevalence of these averos in some communities, how do you decide which minyan to join!? Maybe, I can join and then daven shmone esre again b’yahidus for the sofek …


    @aaq how are you planning on travelling? private plane?


    in my minyan we daven to Hashem we dont daven to AZ such a cross, a Budda or a piece of cloth covering body. I just dropped of my son at JFK and the flight was packed with frum people I then davened in the Five Towns and there was a full indoor minyan of about 50 people of that maybe 5 wore masks, BH I see even in the epicenter of maskers people are getting over the phobia.
    PS come down to Costa Rica they said its one of the niecest places in the world, the mashka after davening is on me and i will grill you some lamb chops to that there is no hard feelings,


    Summer travel to Canadian tourist sites is iffy right now. Border crossings limited to “essential” travel with very few waivers. May be relaxed as more vaccinations are completed but right now, they are still in full scale shutdowns in major cities. State department just updated its travel advisories and about 85 percent of top 100 destinations are still effectively blocked or strongly discouraged. We were considering Malta and Cyprus but those were open and then limited and now open again so we decided to stay home until next Fall. Travel insurance seems very confusing right now on Covid related closings.


    @gadol as someone who works in the insurance industry most travel insurance policies anti worth the paper its printed on, they exclude the heck out of the policies.
    PS if your going to cyprus they have some really good deals on cruises to Israel, if you go to Malta let me know that is was like.


    re: AZ, there was an old “frum” guy who refused to listen to his doctor to eat on Yom Kippur. His wife called the Rav for help. The Rav called the guy and said – sorry, we can’t give you an aliya tis year as we did in last 70 years. ????? You know, we are not very strict, we give aliyas to people who don’t keep shabbos, who dont keep kashrus, but we draw a line at Avoda Zarah. Me – Avoda Zara?! Yes, if Hashem tells you not to fast, and you insist on fasting, that means you are fasting in honor of someone else!


    @AAQ, that story sounds par for the course at the @AAQ household, you do what you feel is best without asking a Rav and if you ask a Rav and if you dont like the psak you do what you want anyway.


    common, not a kasya – this story is NOT about daas Torah, as the guy presumably listens to the Rav – perfect by you, right? the problem is that he is not listening to the doctor and to his wife and lacks common sense. So, kashya on you if you think that it is noirmal for the wife to call on Rav to pasken every time she wants her husband to take out the garbage.


    @AAQ, “as the guy presumably listens to the Rav” did he? maybe he was from your school of thought ask a rav and do whatever you feel is best regardless of what he paskens.
    Anyway we are deviating from the topic on hand, the summer travel of 2021


    @always_ask_questions If your Rav tells you not to listen to your doctor, you need to find a new Rav.


    Yserbius? this story is about a guy not listening to the doctor, and the wife needs even to ask Rav to convince him… common apparently thinks he is a great guy listening to the Rav … there is so many times I will explain the joke before I quit the internets


    Yserbius, there is an interesting question re:pandemic aka “summer travel”. I quoted before R Meir Twersky last April that this is a time of great uncertainty of science, so it is not enough to listen to just “one doctor”. So, Rav MT essentially tells you to listen to your doctor l’humrah, but not l’kulah.


    @AAQ, so you will listen to R Meir Twerski this once because it fits you agenda.
    PS we have at least 2 minyan [ maskless] who Costa Rica, Let me know if you like lamb chops or veal chops better when you decide to join us
    PSS the wildlife viewing in Costa Rica is amazing

    The kneidel

    A great place to go is the Salt Flats in Bolivia.
    If your down for crazy, try the Titania Mountains in China.
    I traveled all over the world but these two places are the only ones that actually made me feel like I was in a different world.
    If you can’t make it there, at least check them out on google. They are amazing.


    common, thanks for an invitation. I’ve been to more exotic and scary places, so I am fine staying with civilization for now (or staying 6 ft from it, to be precise).


    @AAQ,”so I am fine staying with civilization for now (or staying 6 ft from it, to be precise).”
    neh thats far too risky try an underground bunker on a Israel with MRE.
    But if you change your mind you have a standing invitation


    Flew back yesterday from a weekend in the metro Denver area. Everyone on the plane wore masks…no drama, no screaming at the flight attendants etc. Normal people trying to make the best of the situation. I suspect that given the ages of the passengers and flight origination, a large percentage were vaccinated but no one said, “I don’t need to wear a mask because i have both shots”. Nice to have a 3 hour flight that almost seemed “normal”.


    Flew to London and most the passangers were very lax about the mask compliance and flight crew was very relaxed about the whole thing, finnaly the who cares mentality is starting to settle in


    >> who cares mentality is starting to settle in

    My question going forward: with so many people who had “who cares mentality” throughout pandemic, is it acceptable to stereotype people?

    It is a difficult question, and I am not asking it lightly. I had previously no problem learning or davening with any kind of Jews, as long as davening is halakhically acceptable, and even wider variety for learning. But I don’t see how this question can be avoided except by closing eyes.

    Going forward, I would not want to daven with people who were not careful or retzihah. I don’t know about my own prayer capacity, but I am immodest enough to think that my chances are not enhanced by davening with possible/potential murderers, but maybe even decreased for the sin of associating with such people. With learning, I am OK with them being in same class, but I have a problem with teachers – I would prefer not to waste time and potentially learn bad Torah as they obviously missed something in learning.

    So, can we accept evidence from this site, videos from funerals and shuls, personal testimonies about groups of people for the purposes of avoiding them? That is, I am not making any judgment about them, just avoiding. Is this same as not doing business or shiduch with someone questionable without accepting lashon hara as true?

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    AAQ – i am not fee of an infinite amount of things to repair on/in myself and i say this with that premise-
    In regard to your post, you have got some major issues that you need to address. Not as much in your judgement but in your perception, awareness of how skewed your perception is of all of this. I hope you are joking because i find it chilling actually. Frightful.

    I have been able to reframe my perceptions of those who were moser (MOSER!), who put halacha and torah second to science and anxiety, and people who cannot treat a yid like a yid if he doesn’t beat the same drum, i have pounded my perceptions of these people until i could try to understand where skewed views, anxiety and fear can take a person. Even you and others who corraled me into anti mask catagories and pro death because you PERCEIVED (very, very incorrectly) that if I didn’t think CDC was god i must be actively killing neighbors as if with a machete, ch”v.

    It wasn’t easy but i worked on it in order to move closer to where we should be as Jews. But what you write above, your view of the pandemic, the people who followed their doctors differently than you, the people who don’t stuff torah into their science, that narrative is scary. Please find a local epidemiologist to discuss musser with. Maybe it will hold weight for you. Please.


    @AAQ, its always the people who claim to most open minded end up being the most close minded least tolerant people with no use for anyones opinion but their own.
    PS quite a number of place already dont allow use of the shuls, aliyas, to daven for the amud for people who were active in snitching during covid, so it works both way. Anyway that was covered in a differnt thread lets keep this to the summer plans


    Dear Always,

    There are very few people in our communities that had a who cares attitude from the beginning. People acclimated along the way, and then insisted that they were never afraid/compliant or whatever.

    But talking about murderers, you are killing this thread.


    I am curious if hotels, rest areas, gas stations, etc. will be as abundant as in previous years. Does bankruptcy, or under staffing lead to less services, especially in remote areas?


    n0mesorah > very few people in our communities that had a who cares attitude from the beginning. People acclimated along the way

    interesting observation. I concluded the opposite. Excluding first several weeks, maybe, after that I saw that people made a quick initial decision and stuck with it throughout. Maybe communities are different. Mine consists of multiple subgroups coming from different places, and each reacted differently and mostly consistently. I tried first to be helpful without being intrusive, coming early before minyan opening windows, but as COVBID increased and behavior stopped, I gave up.

    >> you are killing this thread.

    point well taken, sorry to ruin your travel plans… But I hope that we come up with some positive lessons from the pandemic, but I see that most people are just eager to get back to the routine (this is relevance to the thread). For some reason, Hashem disrupted our routine. Maybe your answer is to appreciate greater what you had previously – simple enjoyment of flying in a crowded airplane and feeling brotherhood with the humanity. Ok, this is something. Wonder whether people will ditch other lessons, like beauty of spending time with their children, and rush back to their previous routine. There are overall trends saying that many, not all, people prefer changed work routine. Hope there are similar trends in the Jewish community, leading us to further strengths.


    On the fist part, you wrote your own disclaimer.

    On both parts, try a different thread.

    On this topic, any ideas were gas prices will be?


    I just booked a summer getaway and wow everything is just about sold out!

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