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    Since I was a young kid I was never connected to Torah I did not have the right hashgacha (School system, community and family)

    When I had the opportunity to leave the environment I quickly done so and almost left yiddishkeit (Keeping the utmost basic without understanding why..)

    Until around a year ago Hashem opened my eyes and gave me some knowledge through YouTube videos of Rav Mizrachi, Alon Anava, Yaron Reuven etc.

    I stopped working so I can focus on learning Torah and now in Jerusalem (Beis Yisroel area) I’m here to hopefully find the right environment to find out more and to do the things that are right and get closer to Hashem, So there’re many yeshivos out there that help Baalie Teshuvos that come from a complete secular background which won’t be suitable for me. I’m not sure though what would be best for me, perhaps a good Rav that has experience with Kiruv?

    Any help would be highly appreciated and hopefully may it be your zechus.


    The baalei teshuvah yeshivos do NOT only deal with people who were secular at birth – believe me. Please reach out to them (Ohr Sameach, Aish HaTorah, etc.) and they will give you guidance tailored for YOU. Hatzlachah rabbah!


    Ohr Sameach has many talmidim who were frum from birth and never went off.


    I agree with pinchos. There is a big gap in this area, people like you don’t find themselves comfortable in ohr someach etc. I would suggest you should try to reach out to Project makom which is more structured for heimishe people, that might be your solution. in either case, it might be an opportunity for you to create an environment for people like you, I know it is not easy. but people in the past have proven to accomplish the impossible.
    All the best!


    ” I did not have the right hashgacha..

    First, kol hakovod to you and much hatzlacha in your efforts. 1a2b3c is right on point with respect to the support from Rebeeim such as R’ Nota Schiller and R’Mendel Weinbach at Ohr Samayach and other baalei tshuvah yeshivos and mosdos offering extensive support networks.
    P.S. I think you mean “hashkafah” so don’t be surprised if someone inadvertently refers you to the Badatz Eidah Chareidit


    If you are in Beis Yisroel, then you are easy walking distance from Ohr Sameach. It’s located at 22 Simon Hatzadik. I would recommend you just go there to daven Ma’ariv, and see what happens. It can’t hurt and it might help.

    Before you go there, look at www dot ohr dot edu/study-in-israel/
    You will see that Ohr Sameach has three parts. One is as for secular Jews. The second is called intermediate and the third is advanced. I’m not sure you fit in any of those, but it can’t hurt to ask.

    Even if you don’t fit in there, the rebbeim at Ohr Sameach can probably direct you to a yeshiva where you will have a better chance of success.

    Here is a completely different way to approach the problem. It might be easier to go to a Shadchan and ask what you need to do to get a good Shidduch. That will give you a goal – which will give you motivation. Are you interested in a girl from N’vei Yerushalayim? If not, so what are your realistic possibilites for Shidduchim? Where would you need to be in a year in order to be ready to get married?

    Congratulations on your desire to do tshuva and may Hashem help you accomplish it.


    A place that has a possibly more familiar feel to it would be the bostoner kolel. Boston is known both in the states and in eretz yisroel for being extremely welcoming and warm. There are BTs, and many FFBs there.


    Check out Chut Shel Chessed, 13 Shmuel HaNavi street.

    Reb Eliezer

    The Chasam Sofer advises us how to do teshuva. It says bakesh shalom, look for peace veradfehu, and follow, go after it. The body and soul are constantly in conflict. One desires what the other does not. So let the neshama, soul do something small that the body might not like and continue until the body gets used to it, thereby creating peace between the two and then repeat this in small increments. Do not do this in big increments as you will get frustrated and fail.

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