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    On shabbos chol hamoed pesach, you are saying shachris, and realize that you are saying the weekday shmone esrei.

    You are already past ??? ?????. You realize that you didn’t say ???? ????, but you did say ?? ????.

    So, do you have to say ??? ????? again to correct that?


    Why not?

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    you don’t say bareich aleinu on shabbos so the answer is NO (you asked bareich aleinu not shmoneh esrei)


    Yes but, ??? ????? really is appropriate for shabbos, we just don’t say it. That’s why if you start one of the weekday brachos, you finish it instead of just going back.

    So if you say it wrong, maybe you should fix it?


    I’d guess you would just return to shabbos davening when you remember


    i once had that shailah and then i realized it was chol hamoed succos so i was good

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    thank you ckbshl,

    if I got to the CR sooner I would’ve said the same thing


    If you are davening on Shabbos and accidentally start saying weekday brachos (ata chonen etc) you continue until the end of the bracha where you caught yourself and then start the Shabbos bracha. The question is if you passed Bareich Aleinu and said tal umatar. Do you go back and say the correct Bareich Aleinu before saying Shabbos bracha? I guess this would depend on the reason why we go back for tal umatar. If the reason is that there is some sort of “chiyuv” to daven for rain so therefore if you miss it you go back. But since on Shabbos we don’t have that “chiyuv” so you wouldn’t. This is my svara, I have no idea what the actual answer is.

    A followup question is what if this happens on the 2nd day of Yom Tov. Is that already considered a time when you are supposed to say tal umatar? What if first day Chol HaMoed is Shabbos, is that the same as the 2nd day Yom Tov question or perhaps because it is already Chol HaMoed it is different. If you were to catch yourself in the middle of Bareich Aleinu, before tal umatar, on one of these days, do you say tal umatar even though the tzibur hasn’t started saying it yet? All very intriguing questions to keep us up all night. Keep up the good work PBA!


    What if you said Shabbos mussaf instead of chol hamoed and you’re up to Modim?


    than you better do teshuva

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    I have a new question (Halacha L’Meisa)(well not anymore)

    what should you do if you start saying shabbos shmoneh esrei on yom tov and you remember in the middle

    (artscroll siddurim get very confusing)

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