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    crazy horse

    hay moshiach is here.
    ok, give me second i just have to look something up.
    elyahu hanavie is here, wait there’s a funny cat video that i’m watching.
    my point is are we spending way to much time online.


    Is he here?

    Sam Klein

    Way way too much time online being spent of our precious lives
    that Otherwise can be spent doing much better and more important things in life. Which not only is referring to learning Torah and doing Mitzvos but even physical things that are worth more to spend our gift of life and time wisely.

    “A minute gone is gone and lost forever and can never be made up for”. UVACHARTA BACHAIM

    ☕️coffee addict

    “Is he here?“

    I didn’t see any news article on ywn about it so I guess not 😞


    Is there someone running around, tying you to a chair, forcing your eyes open, and making you spend your life looking at trash on the internet??????

    Makes one think of someone who drinks too much and wonders why he is intoxicated, or someone who eats too much and can’t understand why he is overweight.


    “Is he here?”

    Moshiach is very much here we just have to open our eyes!!


    TE: I’m standing at the southwest corner of Eastern Parkway and Kingston Avenue with eyes wide open and don’t see him. Can you tell me where to look??


    Gadolhatorah: i was being perfectly serious and i still am. we have to live in “moshiach tzeiten” and act how we would when moshiach comes. i think you know that i didnt mean literal seeing. i mean to open our inner eyes and see how ready the world is for moshiach and that all we need to do is “polish our buttons” and he will be here!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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