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    let’s be nice to each other……


    i was just kidding! i really liked the heated spice that eclipse added to this amazing coffee room. i mean isnt that the point of this whole coffee room – to be able to express yourselfs openly how you feel about something?!? thats exactly what eclipse did. so eclipse well definitly miss you! but i was just curious- how come i keep i seeing you add to this thread if you said your leaving a while ago?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    There is a big difference between the generation growing up now and my generation when we were younger.

    Unfortunately, you’re right. I tried to be dan l’caf z’chus that her rant was not directly aimed at anyone, but rather venting her frustration. But this last jab changed my mind. And her claiming that she was kidding seems like backtracking. I know I should again be dan l’caf z’chus, but how far can credibility be stretched?


    Rezdy, yes we speak about how we feel but we FILTER so that we are not rude to anyone and if it slips out we apologize and ask mechila. We have become quite a tight knit group here, and we don’t allow anyone to hurt others.

    Although we are all anonymous, we are all real people with real issues and real feelings. So we are careful to offer chizuk and not chuzpah. Of course we make funny remarks but we know when to make them and who we can make them to, that is after building an online relationship with others. Most of us learnt humility here after saying things we shouldn’t and asked mechila from each other. We have grown from those experiences and have become a very supportive group.


    What does this comment of Rezdy’s have anything to do with the comments on the babysitting thread? Shouldn’t each of them be judged in itself?


    I wasn’t here for eclipse’s last surprise goodbye party, so here is the real surprise goodbye party.

    Oh Shreck!

    If you weren’t here then, how’d you know about it?


    Honestly speaking, I thought that there is probably a thread for saying goodbye. There’s a thread for saying hello and a thread for saying mazel tov, why not a thread for saying goodbye? So I searched for a thread like that and found this thread.

Viewing 8 posts - 101 through 108 (of 108 total)
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