Surprisingly, the more I hear about Obamacare, the more I like it.

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    See, I always thought that the liberals were dead wrong on healthcare for one simple reason: They want everyone to have precisely the same quality health care, and that is impossible.

    Do we all drive the same quality car? Live in the same quality house? Eat the same quality food? So why would we all have the same quality doctors, hospitals, procedures, and drugs?

    It just costs too much for everyone to have the best quality–it’s like mandating that everyone will live in mansion and drive a Porsche.

    Yet, the liberal regulatory state has been doing just that forever, and that is what has been driving up the costs of health care; they say that you can only buy health insurance if it covers everything. And the courts have been making it impossible to do cheap old procedures, so everyone needs the newest best most expensive technology.

    I always knew that we needed a multiple tiered system: If you pay for your own care, then you can pay for what you want. And if you can’t afford that, then the govt pays for low quality care. (We essentially already had this: emergency room care.)

    So when I see that the new Obamacare coverage has tiny doctor networks and low reimbursements, I see exactly what I think is necessary: low quality care subsidized by the govt.

    The only complaint I still have is they chose the least efficient way of doing it, and forced huge numbers of people into the low quality care as opposed to the good quality care they formerly had.


    America is on its way to destruction! President Obama is making America a socialist country with socialized healthcare! They’re gonna control our lives!

    Fellow yidden, now is the time to make aliyah to Israel, where they’ve got socialized healthcare, before it is too late!


    Obamacare benefits those without good jobs (meaning for major employers who provide liberal health benefits), and those with serious medical problems (cancer, AIDS, and most relevant to us, having babies). It hurts those who don’t have employer provided insurance, especially if they lose that insurance due to the new rules and have to pay more for less, and it hurts healthy people with jobs (enough to be off Medicaid,not enough to have a work provided policy) who have to buy very expensive policies they don’t need.




    Caveman have healthcare too caveman head hurt he break arm head no hurt as much anymore.


    Popa: 3 points in response

    1) They already had systems in place to provide “low quality” health care for those who can’t afford their own. Its called medicaid. For those who argue that Medicaid didn’t cover all those who needed it, it would still be far more efficient and cheaper to expand medicaid than to totally overhaul the entire system.

    2) Even if the purpose (to provide low quality care for those who need) is proper, It was done in a way that makes health care affordable for those who could previously afford it. This is unlike most other welfare programs.

    3) Your post only addresses the theory of providing healthcare for those who need it. It does not deal with the reality of actually providing it. If they can’t manage to even sign people up, how well do you think they are going to the harder more complicated parts, such as regulating and controlling the entire health care market.

    Jersey Jew

    I guess you like the idea of govt running your life under the guise of health. Obamacare in any fashion is BAD for this country!


    weve had “medicare” in our system forever



    Obamacare has nothing to do with healthcare but only with health insurance. Health care quantity and quality has always been dependent on ability to pay in this country, and nothing is changing in that regard. The Act just puts the insurance companies in a bind in many different ways and puts a strain on employers, but does nothing to help the end users or deliverers of health care. So what exactly do you like?


    Why is healthcare so much more expensive in the US than elsewhere?

    1. The US does most of the R&D on new drugs and medical equipment.

    2. Many people think that doctors can do anything. When there is a patient outcome that is less than perfect, doctors, nurses, technicians, hospitals and equipment manufacturers are sued. Malpractice insurance premiums go up. Those costs are passed on. Doctors practice defensive medicine, ordering as many tests as possible, just to cover themselves.

    Nothing was done about tort reform during the Obamacare process. Time to get rid of the law and start again.


    The Website is the easy part, and u see how incompetent they are. 3 years + $600,000,000 and this is the result?? are u kidding me? a unsecure crippled website?

    you think the DMV is bad? imagine when someone actually needs to use obamacare… their doctor? their privacy? the standard of care? the waiting time!!?…… hashem should have mercy

    and for all those searching the healthcare marketplace

    i wouldnt trust my personal information on that website if my healthcare depended on it lol


    its like the forbidden fruit, ur not supposed to want it so u think you really like it the more you hear. Unfortunately this can very likely be the end to Americas lead in having some of the best physicians on the planet.


    Why is that surprising? It’s called the familiarity bias – the more you are exposed to something, the more comfortable you get with it.


    Why is it called Obamacare? Does he REALLY care?


    The loss of our health care system might do good in the world in general by forcing other countries to stop suppressing any proper healthcare systems that might happen there.


    @Little Froggie – I know, right? 😀

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I hope everyone chapped that this was another of popa’s troll threads.


    Everyone recognizes the brand of thread.

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