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    In the near future, we’re looking into getting a bigger car, because a coupe just isn’t practical with a baby.

    In your opinions, what would you get if it were between

    a Minivan,

    an SUV,

    a Crossover,

    or other?

    Can you also tell me the pros and cons of your vehicle of choice?


    anon for this

    tzippi, what mileage do you get? I drive a 15-year-old Chevrolet Sportvan (12-seater also) & get 10 mpg on a combination of city/ highway driving.


    We have a Toyota Sienna minivan & we love it:

    -It’s available in 7 or 8 passenger models (we have an 8).

    -It gets great mileage, better than my husband’s honda accord.

    -We bought ours used, it had been leased for 12 months, and I’m told it’s easy to finds certified used ones.

    -The rear seats fold into the floor so you always have them with you, but when you don’t need them you can have tremendous, easy to use, cargo space.

    -It really drives like a car, not big & boxy, small turn radius, great hadling & control

    -I know a number of people who have them & they’re all happy.



    I think we get maybe 15 mpg in our 12 seater (10 years old). I wouldn’t recommend it unless you really need the space. Even though the Astro is about as much as a gas guzzler, so you may as well get the extra seats, if 8 belts are enough, I’d go with a smaller frame car for easier driving.


    Thanks so much everyone, I’m really taking everything you are saying into consideration. We probably wont need anything too big, but a nice enough size where we aren’t being squished. tzippi, you make some valid points, as to what features, I might want, or need. You give me a great idea of righting a list of everything I may need in a vehicle. I think I’ll also write a pros, and cons, list for both the minivan and suv. lakewoodwife, thanks so much for that information about the minivan, the truth is I’ve never driven one before. The closest I ever got to driving one, was an SUV. Are there much differences between the two?


    I’d reccomend a Ford S Max…


    We have a dodge RAM 2500 12 passenger. the mpg are no worse than the ford aerostar that we were driving. Winter driving in Monsey was a bit challenging until I put 50lb. bags of gravel over the back axle.

    believe it or not, there is not much cargo space in this van, but k’ah, we needed the bigger van.

    yoshi, what you choose in the 7/8 passenger size van or the suv, I give you a Brocho that your family size continues to grow in the best of health and you outgrow it!.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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