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    I’m making it for Mishloach Manoes

    I never made it before!


    Careful, its a fishy business


    whenever i make it, the seaweed tastes so much more fishy than when i buy it! its so annoying!


    Do you toast the seaweed before using it? Carefully hold it over the stove (lit, obviously!), moving it around so it doesn’t burn – that will enhance the flavor.

    I usually spread chrayonnaise over the seasoned/vinegared rice, then top with lox or other smoked or otherwise ready to eat fish.


    1) Wear gloves when you handle the rice,and wet them before working. It makes it much easier to get the rice to stick to the seaweed and not your hands.

    2) Cover the bamboo mat with plastic wrap or put it in a large ziploc bag so that the rice doesn’t stick to the mat when you roll it.

    3) Use plenty of rice.

    4) Do not over stuff the inside of the roll.


    if i toast the seaweed first, it wont taste so fishy? when they do it in the restaurants, they dont toast it?~


    I use regular rice thats overcooked with a little vinegar added instead of regular sushi rice. In my family, this goes over much better than the terribly, strongly smelly sushi rice recipes.


    I LOVE SUSHI!!!! Sorry for me in Israel it is so expensive! Only sold in restaurants, not in every other grocery like in Brooklyn for $3.75 a veg. roll!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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