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    So now the BBC is investigating its hiring of journalist in Ramsllah, the Arab nazi who tweeted earlier, H..r was right. She also said Israel is worse… which hors hand in hand in this antisemitic fire. To praise H…r and accuse Israel of outrageous terminology.

    This comes as the AJC blamed the increase in crude horrific anti Semitic attacks to vitriol, such as the use of “apartheid” (‘apartheid slur’). Incidentally, it was promoted in April by another bigoted Arab “activist” Omar Shakir, active against Israel since student years, deported in 2019 over his BDS, and is said to be very angry, now abusing HRW platform for the trope.

    On Sunday, anti-Israel extremist Bernie Sanders was asked by CBS what he thinks of the use of the word such as “apartheid.” (Used also by augter of Mohammed Hadid and by Rashida Tlaib and backed by AOC)
    Sanders said not to use such rhetoric.


    The surprise is rather from Sanders. who throws this “it’s racism” label all over the place… almost as bad as Haaretz.


    Yes hamas is all over the liberal and Democrat controlled media


    She wouldn’t be the first Arab nazi to hide behind “pro palestine” activism, or a “journalist”. This chain of tweet was revealed after Halawa put up a clip for BBC where by she misstated about the ‘throwing the Jews into the sea’ within a “palestinian” slogan. Worth mentioning that Hitler-lady deleted those tweets only after being exposed of course. How did the BBC “miss” that?


    BBC is the least biased news agency I know


    In fact, BBC almost was one of the starters in chain of anti Israel reporting, since around 1970, at least.

    For latest see

    Honestreporting .com and camera .org
    BTW, Jeremy Bowen is terrible. If you want more info about his latest distortion, it can be provided. .

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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