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    am a monsey resident and traveling to a wedding in lakewood did some research on Mikva Tahara Available in Lakewood. i was surprisedat the congestion and little options there are for weekdays.
    IN Monsey the total number of rooms from all mikvaos combined are about 200, versus Lakewood main mikva has 40 rooms + some other small ones in town with an approximate total of 70-90 rooms, and Lakewood as a much larger and younger population
    This is a bigger crisis then shidduch crisis in my humble opinion and can cause tragic ramifications.
    Lakewood needs some philanthropists to jump in and build a new 100 room facility,
    Everyone likes to dedicate shuls etc. but this is crucial for the purity of Klal Yisroel


    If the Lakewood residents aren’t complaining why should an outsider?


    who says they dont, because they haven’t posted it here, they are fine Bnei Torah and suffer in silence


    I have nieces and nephews and various other extended family there and many friends whose children are there have never heard any of them talking about it or mentioning it.


    Is suffering in silence on a terrible ruchniyos situation something that a ben Torah does? I think not.

    I believe that Lakewood (which is just a city, nothing special) has a different mikvah situation. Many more smaller mikvaos and few large community ones.


    Real Time report: system allows booking 3 days before, 2 hrs in to day 1 no appointments are available sold out, this is terrible situation.
    dont let your kids live in a place like this


    “can cause tragic ramifications”

    Really? There are people in Lakewood that may stop using the mikva because of this? (Assuming it’s accurate)


    morik: What system are you talking about? Please put in punctuation marks so it is not a run on sentence.


    did you actually try calling a lakewood woman to find out how the system works bf posting on CR?
    Because I did and I’m a man.
    Yes, the main litvish mikvah’s apparently use a booking system. And yes you can often have a late appointment. But I’m also told that they fit people in if necessary and no one goes without an appointment if you call.
    Does everything have to be posted online?


    “dont let your kids live in a place like this.”
    Any parents that feel they are entitled to “let” or “not let” their adult married children live somewhere based on the parents’ opinions of a community have some serious boundary-overstepping issues they need to work out.


    I’m from Lakewood and there are plenty of Mikvaos around. You can use the local phonebook, THE VIBE to see a full list of all in town.


    Is it Adar already?


    Apushatayid….yup, you slept right through the yomim noraim after which it was announced that the Breslov were going to bring back the remains of Rav Nachman from Uman to Secuacus, missed the big esrog crisis six months ago, and then most importantly, the recent announcement that Chabad would be sending a caravan of 770 mobile mikvahs mounted on the back of flatbed trucks down to Lakewood solve the “Taharah Crisis”.


    hey,Is there takeh such a thing as a “770 mobile mikvah”???
    Not yet.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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