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    Yabia Omer

    When Chazal or even later Chachamim made certain things, do we say that context is important or do we say that their exact words still hold true ledoros. For example, there’s a Halacha that if getting a haircut by a goyish barber there should be a mirror.. Do we say that nowadays a CCTV would suffice, since it can deter the barber from attempting a violent act? Or do we say that Chazal specifically meant a mirror and in their deep wisdom knew that even in modern times it would be appropriate?

    Reb Eliezer

    See the RMA SA O’CH 339,3 and the MB there s’k 8,9,10

    Reb Eliezer

    שלחו מתם הזהרו במנהג אבותיכפ look at the second day yom tov when currently we know the calculations and we still keep it as we are afraid that a wicked kingdom might make us forget it. דזימנן דגזרו המלכות גזירה ואתי לקלקלי. The Chasan Sofer says that to follow a minhag, a custom is so important that it can break a heavenly decree.


    How are you supposed to see the haircut if you don’t have a mirror?


    Yes we try to stick to our minhagim regardless as much as possible.

    Reb Eliezer

    He needs a mirror not for the haircut which the barber sees but that he should not cut his neck.

    Yabia Omer

    Cctv screen


    “Do we say that nowadays a CCTV would suffice, since it can deter the barber from attempting a violent act?”
    I think the chashash is not about him killing you so much as it is that he will shave forbidden zones. Hence why the rules are different with if the barber comes from various Jewish minim.

    Yabia Omer

    No I think the chashash is he’ll kill you.


    In March 2002, the Moetzes Gedolai Torah issued a public statement, which decreed that the Vort ceremony be COMPLETELY ELIMINATED, to reduce the cost of getting married.

    That decree was published in Jewish Observer magazine, which was the official magazine of the Agudath Israel organization (at that time).

    That decree was completely ignored, even by the most “Frum” Jews, and even by people who claimed total loyalty to “Daas Torah”.

    Soon after, the decree was completely forgotten by almost everybody.


    “Moetzes Gedolai Torah issued a public statement, which decreed that the Vort ceremony be COMPLETELY ELIMINATED”

    In my small knowledge just based on what I’ve seen, the Litvish minhag has been for years not to do a vort and to just halachically not be engaged until 2 seconds before the wedding. Chassidim don’t do like this. From what I’ve seen, the people still doing vorts have a minhag to do so and I’m not sure anyone really would say they should be mevatel it. The public statement you mention was probably just to make people feel better about following the former minhag.

    Yabia Omer

    Ok and what does this have to do with OP?


    “Ok and what does this have to do with OP?
    Because the best way to cure a troll is by going off topic


    You’re right, Yabia, that the reason has to do with him possibly killing you; I was incorrect before.

    It would take me a while to find it, but there’s a halacha in the Shulchan Aruch that you can’t give tzitzis to a goy lest he use them to trick people into thinking he’s Jewish and subsequently lure and kill Jews. Achromin seemed to say that this is no longer a concern (ironically, I could totally see the exact situation happening today). Anyway, the point is, sometimes context does seem to matter and rules might be updated, sometimes not. I’m not sure if there’s really any way to determine a pattern.


    CCTV is worse than a mirror. Who is monitoring the screen?


    Right, cctv might not prevent an attack but it will ensure that the crime will be proven. Whether this is enough of a deterrent will depend 9n the location, time and your barber… if he of the type who might want to steal your car, he’ll be deterred, but if he is a possible jihadi, then maybe you need a mirror..might be awkward though to first look at the barber and then ask for a mirror. Maybe lo plug here and ask for a mirror all the time and not get accused of being a latent racist

    Yabia Omer

    Thank you Neville.


    It’s a little bit of both, and would often depend on the prevalent Minhag.


    halachically not be engaged

    What does it even mean (in the absence of tenaim) to be “halachically engaged?”

    The Wolf

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