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    Just like there’s a law that requires those who want to smoke to go out side, I think those who want to talk Loshon Hara, Curse, fight, and anything else you can think of that doesn’t belong anywhere near people or in a home or Shul or anywhere else you can think of, should also be taken outside. I think by the time the issue is taken outside, the issue, whatever it may be will be diffused :-).

    Your comments or suggestions please.


    I second that, and that includes anonymous CR chat rooms!


    i think thats a good plan because then when you make them aware they shouldnt be saying that inside maybe they’ll get the hint not to say it anywhere!! but it would never work!


    Nice idea,

    How do you plan on implementing it?


    My beef is with cursing. People seem to take for granted the amendment of “Freedom of Speech”. If someone has to curse then take it outside, just like smokers have to go out side to smoke, so should those who need soap at the ready for their mouth’s.


    If you live in Israel, you’ll know that even though they’re supposed to “take it outside” (smoking) they don’t! So it won’t work in this regard either!!

    I know it’s not what the thread is about, but I can’t STAND when I walk into a store, take-out…etc and people (many times the owner) is smoking right into our faces, if you want people to patronize your store you can’t harm them! I’ve many times had to ask people to put out their cigarettes! (Some are respectful to my request and some just give attitude) I wish they would enforce things here!

    If you want to harm yourself, go ahead, but what did I do wrong that I too must be harmed?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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