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    My sons rebbi took away his cell phon (my son is in 6thb grade), I feel that if i dont have a problem with my son having a cell phone what right does my son’s rebbi have taking away his phone?


    You should write a thank-you letter to your sons Rebbi thanking him for keeping this terrible distraction from his studies (and worse) away from your son.


    The rebbe had zero right to take your sons phone for longer then that days class.


    ish , why don’t you specify the reason why you feel a 6th grade child needs a cell phone??


    Well, what is the school policy regarding cell phones?? if the school does not allow students to have cell phones, then you should follow school policy. If you don’t agree with the school policy then maybe you should find another yeshiva. My sons’ school does not allow any type of cell phone. Even if the child has the mother’s cell phone, the child will be kicked out of school. Our school will not tolerate it at all. It is very important to teach your child to respect the authority of the Rebbes/Teacher/School by following the guidelines set up by the yeshiva.


    Can anyone explain to me why a 6th grader needs a cell phone? Nothing to do with frumkeit or anything, but why would he need one? I made it till my engagement without a cell & don’t think my childhood was affected by not having one…..

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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