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    Phil – Thanks.


    AAQ -“I can resort to R Salanter who said that the person who is not learning well in Lita affects non-observant professor in Paris ”

    There’s no comparison!
    A Jew has the capability to influence other Jews.
    The Zionist movement was from Hertzl.
    They were anti- religious Judaism.
    They were considering making the Medina in Uganda.
    People like this can’t be easily Meakarev.
    And we still have org. that do Kiruv.
    So it’s their fault for hating Frum Jews, Not ours!


    Health, there is this attractive idea of “them” – Tzedukim, Reformim, Tzionim who created some problems. Well, all these movements started at some moment from inside of Jewish community – in response to some other test that Hashem challenged us with. Of course, everyone has a free will, but it is fair to ask whether Jewish community as a whole didn’t fully stand to the test, not just the peshayim. To again quote R Salanter – when someone does not learn well in beit midrash it affects a professor in Berlin. Anther example – Chofetz Chaim not greeting a melamed who did not accept Trotsky as a kid.

    To your example, R Berel Wein traces zioni-religious fight in Israel to the animosity between kahal and community coming from the tragedy of Cantonists that Russia forced the communities to provide – and the choice would often fall on poor and orphans. And while the Czar has most of the blame, many kehilot, such as Vilna, were weakened by chasidim/misnaged split that Russian government exploited.

Viewing 4 posts - 51 through 54 (of 54 total)
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