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    Phil – Thanks.


    AAQ -“I can resort to R Salanter who said that the person who is not learning well in Lita affects non-observant professor in Paris ”

    There’s no comparison!
    A Jew has the capability to influence other Jews.
    The Zionist movement was from Hertzl.
    They were anti- religious Judaism.
    They were considering making the Medina in Uganda.
    People like this can’t be easily Meakarev.
    And we still have org. that do Kiruv.
    So it’s their fault for hating Frum Jews, Not ours!


    Health, there is this attractive idea of “them” – Tzedukim, Reformim, Tzionim who created some problems. Well, all these movements started at some moment from inside of Jewish community – in response to some other test that Hashem challenged us with. Of course, everyone has a free will, but it is fair to ask whether Jewish community as a whole didn’t fully stand to the test, not just the peshayim. To again quote R Salanter – when someone does not learn well in beit midrash it affects a professor in Berlin. Anther example – Chofetz Chaim not greeting a melamed who did not accept Trotsky as a kid.

    To your example, R Berel Wein traces zioni-religious fight in Israel to the animosity between kahal and community coming from the tragedy of Cantonists that Russia forced the communities to provide – and the choice would often fall on poor and orphans. And while the Czar has most of the blame, many kehilot, such as Vilna, were weakened by chasidim/misnaged split that Russian government exploited.

    ☕️coffee addict

    “As long as it takes to prosecute, convict and put Netanyahu in a jail cell since their common hatred of Bibi is the glue that holds this coalition together.“

    Either that or Bibi leaving politics

    WILL THE GOVERNMENT COLLAPSE? Bibi’s Potential Plea Deal Puts Coalition On Shaky Footing


    coffee, my forecast: the lefties get excited about Bibi’s fall, right gets majority based on anti-Bibi voters, Likud fires prosecutors, finds errors and Russian disinformation in case 1000, cancels Bibi’s plea deal, Bibi becomes prime minister for life.

    ☕️coffee addict

    Well I guess the answer was 9 months


    Thank you, coffee addict, for reviving this thread. The predictions in June 2021 were all (unless I missed one) very short of the mark. And Bibi’s prosecution is woefully slow. As for Arabs taking bribes to pull out, that has not happened. The MK who did pull out of the coalition was not bribed in the usual sense of the word, but Bibi did offer her a high spot on the Likud list and a cabinet post.

    The withdrawing MK was allegedly hectored, at her synagogue on Shabbos, to withdraw from the coalition. Is that kosher?


    A centrist coalition (w/o Bibi, Ganz, Lapid or Bennet) would be in the best interest of klal yisroel which probably means it will never happen. We seem to swing from one dysfunctional coalition to another with the religious parties as the swing group willing to “sell” their support to whomever will assure the largest welfare and subsidy payments to their mosdos

    ☕️coffee addict

    Is that kosher?

    I don’t see why it wouldn’t be

    They voted for her party because they figured they would be in a religious right wing coalition which wasn’t the case


    The more important question to ask is:

    If say likud comes to power tomorrow or in two years, will there be any significant difference to the most pressing issues Israel is facing?

    Unfortunately, the fact is that the problems that are afflicting Israel today have been around for the 12 years of likud rule and bibi did not lift a finger to fix any of them.

    He talks big but in maaasim he was an efes.

    Most of the good bibi did was not from his stint as pm but as finance minister where almost 20 years on as a direct result of bibi’s initiatives which were very unpopular at the time – Israel is an economic powerhouse that is able to withstand major global economic upheavals.

    But as pm?
    Here is a list of problems that bibi only paid lip service to:

    1) Israeli soldiers’ lives are wasted and put in danger due to
    ridiculous rules of engagement.
    2)Israel is a terribly expensive place to live. E.g. Will they ever release land to build on thereby boosting supply and lowering or at least halting the rise in housing costs?
    3)The bedouins rule the Negev making the lives of Jews who live there unimaginably miserable
    4)Bagatz and the d.a.’s office are corrupt and undermine any semblance of democracy Israel claims to have.
    5) The police abuse their power and are useless in terms of protecting Israel’s citizens.
    6) The Israeli Arabs are armed to the hilt with tens of thousands of weapons being stolen off army bases yearly. And they basically live in states within the state. Last week’s attacks was the beginning of this ticking for years time bomb being set off.
    7)Last year’s riots in Lod, Akko, Yaffo etc showed that when push comes to shove Israeli citizens lives are as hefker as they were in Russia under the czars if not worse.

    The list of bibi’s failures goes on and on.

    Is Bennet really any worse? The day care subsidy law is rough. But most of the differences under Bennet are cosmetic and ego based.

    Yeah, if you get your Jewish identity from the state of Israel then indeed have a government that doesn’t really view Israel as a Jewish state but as a state of all it’s citizens than the current government is painful and this is hard for many masorati Jews in Israel, but for those who never subscribed to the reishit tzemichat geulateinu pablum – if you can live in America you can live under a non Jewish government in Israel.

    Iran? Khaboob, the forces enabling Iran to get nukes are bigger than any Israeli politician. There is not much bibi can do about it.

    So tachliss, b’gadol, lmai nafka mina?

    ☕️coffee addict

    Well the answer was a year and 2 weeks in the Gregorian calendar (2 days short of a year in our calendar

    BH no lasting problems vis a vis yiddishkeit

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