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    Yup, it won’t. Not even after 77k years.


    Why not in 19 years? Thankgiving and chanukah has a rarity because of the fact that Thankgiving is always on Thursday, but that Zos Chanukah on Dec 4 or 5 doesn’t have the same rarity. The calander shows that in 5793 / 2032 zon chanukah and tal umar are on the dame date Sunday. Thankgiving will be Thursay Nov 25 and Chanukah begins on Motze Shabbos.


    It is assur to think the world will last 70,000 years. See ani maamin 12.


    That’s correct. It’s with the 19 year cycle.


    That means it will be the day after chanuka


    Oh I thought you meant tal umatar started sunday night that year. Ok fine, so I’m wrong.

    Anyway I was thinking that next time it fell this early would be after 2100 but whatevs

    Shticky Guy

    Popa you are wrong, you self confessed big fat jerk. It’s like this every 19 years. The next time is Sunday 5 Dec 2032 then Wednesday 5 Dec 2051 followed by Friday 5 Dec 2070, Monday 5 Dec 2089….

    Oh and while I’m on about future cycles, let me be the first to warn you that in 7 yrs time they are doing ??? ???? before ???? in daf yomi!


    Tal u Matar is scheduled to start the last night of Chanukah every nineteen years through 2127. Note that in 2051 it starts the night of Dec. 5 (as it advances a day every four years until the extra day in Feb moves it back to Dec 4 at night).

    By the way, this takes into account the fact that in 2099, the date to begin will shift Dec 5th at night, and since 2100 will not have a February 29, Tal UMatar will stay that way (Dec 5 most years, Dec 6 every four years) until it shifts to Dec 6 at night in 2199. So actually, in 2146 from what I can tell Tal uMatar actually starts Motzaei Chanuka (Dec 5 at night)!

    Two necessary disclaimers: 1. All of these calculations should be rendered moot with the coming of Mashiach and the reestablishment of the Sanhedrin

    2. For anyone in EY, these calculations are already moot. After all the last day of Chanukah can’t ever be 7 MarCheshvan!


    And what’s so bad if dew and rain fall on zos chanuka?


    Hey frogie, how would you burn your Knoiten ??


    Oh, maybe we daven maariv (with tal umatar) after it burns out.


    SF: See T’shuvos HaRashba 1:9 (maybe 1:10). It seems to argue on Rambam Hilchos T’shuvah at the end of Perek 9, if I recall correctly (maybe Perek 10?).


    Interesting theory, except it rained today.

    YW Moderator-42

    In 2019 and 2020 we start v’sein tal umatar on December 5th two years in a row. Same in 2026-27, ’47-’48, ’54-’55. In 2031 and 2059 we start Dec 6.


    I was just thinking I forgot to say tal umatar. Then I remembered I didn’t daven maariv yet.

    YW Moderator-42

    Popa, did you use 5 fingers tonight? One to remember tal umatar, two for al hanisim, 3 for mashiv haruach, 4 for no yaaleh vyavo, and 5 for no ata chonantanu.


    Yah and that’s how I didn’t have one for remembering to daven maariv when I posted last night


    Sorry 42, his index finger was securely placed in his mouth, while conteplating, trying to ‘”finger” out why the rest of his fingers had ties on them


    That was a very courageous weather report. So far it is accurate – there was some tal umatar today.


    Rains were quite heavy in Israel on Zos Chanukah, the day the Jews outside Israel joined them in praying for rain.

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