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    In case you were wondering why it was deleted…


    Is one of the new rules here that assumptions or even being wrong about an issue is reason for deletion?

    No. But you wrote a very harsh, accusatory, personal attack on people in regard to a very sensitive topic, making some very general, loose assumptions that may not apply at all and would therefore cause undo pain to a huge number of people. I do not consider that post-worthy. Add to that that OP’s cannot be edited, and that you are fully conscious when you are typing, leaving deleting as the only option.


    Sounds interesting can you repost in a more acceptable way?


    I haven’t actually.

    PS. Is ur bold key broken?


    I think Joseph’s question was how selectively it would seem the policy is implemented considering how often there are negatively assumptive comments posted about whole swaths of frum yidden.


    Any other personalities coming out to play?


    Nisht- assuming you have no idea what was posted and are just making assumptions about his intent, the post was not deleted because of the assumptions it contained, that comment was tongue in cheek.


    Let’s use this thread to list assumptions we have reached from our time spent here in the CR. I will start, credit to RebYidd-

    It is okay to be rude and call people names if you don’t like what they are saying in terms of Halacha or learning.

    Little Froggie

    My assumption: Mods are nice, caring, devoted, courteous individuals.

    Most posters are polite, knowledgeable. Some are slightly opinionated . Some come across as strong, strong-minded. Again, that is only my assumption.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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