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    I was coming out of Shul, last night after maariv,and said a friendly Hi to someone.

    Surprisingly, he says to me, you make too much noise!

    He meant I say Omein and other responses BeKol!.

    I said What do you mean?It’s the people who talk who make too much noise!

    Olom Hofuch Ro-eesee!


    There was a guy who sat behind me in yeshiva years ago who said I davened too loudly. I guess I must have quieted down, because nobody has complained since.


    talking during davening has been linked to horrific tragedies in the past (ie tach vatat). Tosfos Yom Tov composed a special mishebeirach for those who do not talk during davenng and laining. One who talks during kadish is, acc to mishna berurah, in big big big trouble. Etc.


    some of the guys tell me i make more noise saying shh then them talking i agree with them , but if i wont do it who will


    Practical solutions are needed here, some at the communal level and some at the individual level.

    At the communal level:

    Shul layout plays a role. If everyone is fairly close to the Bima (where the Torah is read from), they will focus on the actual reading of the Torah.

    Our shul eliminated “mishebeirach”s (potentially long prayers for each person called to the Torah with expected donations from them) and uses pledge cards instead.

    Individual level: Sit as close to the Prayer Leader and / or Bima as practical.


    My Voice Will Not Be Heard Any More…

    My own particular rant on this topic.

    The Wolf


    IUseBrains, sorry to say that not everyone uses their brains! Instead of being inspired by your enthusiastic davening, they are annoyed by it. That is a pity, and they should be annoyed by people who choose to consider the shul a living room or a social hall. Use your brains and realize that people are the way they are and there is nothing you can do about it. Just walk away and chalk it up to the fact that people will always find something to complain about and something to look down on in other people. May you always daven with Kavana and enthusiasm that inspires your inner soul and others who appreciate the meaning of your tefilos.


    It can be annoying to others if one davens too loud. And yes there is another problem of which people talk during davening.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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