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    >> $2.75

    thank you for your generous $0.02 contribution! I rather drive.

    We are discussing in another thread a subtle idea that even if a mashkeh is technically kosher, but it lists non-kosher ingridents, you don’t serve it to heilike people. In the sane vein, even if the state and the minyan you visited does not ask for quarantine, it would be prudent to be more machmir with other people’s lives when visiting them.

    Why wouldn’t you?! It is a question, I really can not comprehend.


    @always ask, If the item has a hecksher it come to my house otherwise it does not, no grey area.
    Same with a minyan, some shuls restrict to members only and I respect those rules otherwise not a issue.


    >> some shuls restrict to members only

    “members only” is another issue. I am talking about travel/quarantine – whether they are covered by minyan or government rules. I know of lot of people, whether Jews or non-Jews, disregard them. This is how pandemic travels and evolves.

    a WHO member says that he realized what quarantine is only when he was in China – they were taken from a side entrance from the plane to the hotel and were treated as biohazard.


    @always ask, ROFL China started this whole mess


    I dis not miss minyan the entire pandemic. Mrs. CTL and I had all the grandchildren, great nieces and great nephews and some nieces and nephews in residence at the CTL compound since about March 12th
    We had regular minyanim, have our own sifrei tora, an Aron Kodesh, etc.
    We were aware of the state imposed restrictions on indoor capacity and deliberately did not use our seats in shul, so those without a private minyan such as ours could attend shul.

    I haven’t traveled out of town and don’t intend to do so in the foreseeable future. Our home in Florida has been lent to close friends who wished to get out of New York last March. Our house in Herzylia Pituach is occupied by my niece and family who felt it safer than their apartment in a crowed area of Yerushalayim,
    We made a chasunah in the compound late last spring for a grandson, Had full yomin tovim with the family in residence. Preparations for Pesach are underway in the Pesach kitchen upstairs as we will celebrate our second set of Covid Sedarim in the compound.
    Buying the adjoining properties and building a family compound was one of the smartest things Mrs. CTL have done in our adult lives.


    @Ct Lawyer, I have full respect for how you saw fit to run your life, can you, Huju, Amil, Charlie etc. say the same about how I decided to run my life?


    >> ROFL China started this whole mess

    mi hu haham? halomed mikol adam …


    @always ask
    “>> ROFL China started this whole mess
    mi hu haham? halomed mikol adam …”
    Right and what did I learn, don’t trust China, because they could have contained this on the onset


    @Common Saychel
    I have full respect for how you have chosen to live your life, to the full extent of my knowledge of your life. I know of no criminal or other behavior on your part that might change my opinion,
    The fact that I may not agree with your political beliefs in no way alters my respect for your life style.

Viewing 9 posts - 51 through 59 (of 59 total)
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