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    If anyone has info, I’m lookining for the text of an article by Rav Mordechai Gifter Zt”l entitled: “Talmudical Jurisprudence”, origionally a lecture given at a University. The Artscroll book , “Rav Grifter” mentions this article, as well as Rabbi Gifter on tape.


    It’s published in:

    Law in a troubled world; a lecture series presented by Cleveland College and the Franklin Thomas Backus School of Law, Western Reserve University, fall, 1958.


    The Litvishe Kiryas Yoelite:

    That was quick. Thanks.


    If anyone ever wants Rav Gifter’s article Talmudic Jurisprudence, they can find it http://www.kollelateresmordechai.org/featured-schmuessen/talmudic-jurisprudence along with other sefrorim and audio which has been digitized.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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