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    The oilem needs to stop with the lululemon hoisen.They are expensive and not tznuis.Please spread the word rabboisai.


    Never heard of this. Some new fad?

    Zaphod Beeblebrox

    If you’re so against them, why would you use that as your screen name?


    Mr beeblerox I’m afraid I dislike your response please take that back this instant young man


    “Never heard of this. Some new fad?”

    Yup…a NEW fad….its called yoga and a publicly traded firm called Lululemon (NYSE: LULU) sells this newfangled lvush called “yogapants”. They became the official uniform of millions of women working from home during the Covid Pandemic since they didn’t show up on Zoom calls with clients. When our firm (and virtually all other law firms, banks etc.) sent around memos to their professional staff back in June ordering everyone back to the office 4 days/week after Labor Day, they included a special reminder that lululemon hoisen were NOT considered proper professional attire (even on casual Fridays). They have also become popular among some segments of the frum tzibur when worn as leggings under a tzinisusdike skirt. I suspect the OP is struggling to find a new subject for trolling that is not as mindless as most of the other “bein hazmanim” missives we have been suffering through the past few weeks.


    Lululemon somehow turned an undergarment into an outergarment.

    ☕️coffee addict


    You’re a lawyer? What type of law?

    I would have never thought since you are always in YWN!

    yaakov doe

    Can anyone explain why women are wearing these ridiculous garments?


    CA: Its called the “law” of diminishing returns…….actually, you probably observed that my online presence is inversely related to time on the golf course or periodic moments of trolling the trolls.


    ” . . . sells this newfangled lvush called “yogapants”.[sic]

    Yoga pants are not newfangled. They’ve been around for years.


    Takamamash: So we now need to include a label for every sarcastic phrase in a post? Obviously they’ve been around forever and thats why the original troll was so pathetic. Aside from the tzinius issue for women, most kollel yungerleit look terrible in yoga pants even if you put aside the question of whether they are consistent with the lvush of our ancestors in the alte heim.


    Easy to prove that this levush is unbecoming for an Yiddishe meidele; gematria of yoga is the same as goya!


    ‘official uniform of millions of women’ – gadolhadorah
    Who are you who is so wise in the ways of women’s clothes (lvushos)


    I think you mean fitted yoga pants, not tapered.
    There are many tapered men’s pants that are tznius and available at many different price points from lululemon as well as many other clothing manufacturers. I’m wearing tapered pants right now


    Papasmurf: My expertise in varbeshe lvushos is derived from non-stop chatter over nearly 3 years of zoom calls with clients and colleagues during Covid 19 as to the benefits of working from home in both tapered and baggy lululemon hoisen. I wouldn’t claim gadlus in any other segment of the varbeshe fashion world.


    He is the gadol, he knows all hidden things including yoga pants.
    Surprised you asked


    AAQ: I think thats the point of the OP. A lot can be hidden in non-tapered Lulumon Hoisen


    Gadol, this takes to the other thread about a proper balance between nigleh and nistar.

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