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    Tayereh Yidden; PLEASE be careful and stay safe!

    That means in the nine days especially, don’t push your luck.

    Make sure you as well as your passengers are wearing seat belts.

    Don’t speed, drive tired, leave tired, or text,

    talk on your phone while driving (without bluetooth)

    even local? YES!! Even locally.

    Don’t place a hot plate or percolator near the edge

    where kids can reach, or leave late on erev Shabbos.

    after 1:00pm is late.

    Wishing you all a safe healthy summer.


    Thank You, bein_hasdorim!

    But it is important to know that talking on a bluetooth while driving is almost as dangerous as talking on a phone.


    The 9 days is a good time to be careful as a Hachono for Parshas vaEschanan which states:- veNishmartem Meod leNafshoseichem.

    Talking on blue tooth &/or cell phone, is not only dangerous for a driver, but also for a pedestrian, and not only during the 9 days, but all 365&1/4 days of the year.

    But 9 days is also an excellent opportunity to stay safe & quit smoking because:- 1) 1 less danger during the 9 days; 2) It weans you of 1 addiction prior to Tisha b’Ov when smoking is Ossur; 3) Can save money wasted on cigar[ette]s to prepare your outfit & travel expenses for Bi’as haMoshiach.

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