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    I love both jobs. How do I decide? Could one do both?


    How about going into Health Education? I hold very much of any health-related professions. An EdD or a DrPH or even PhD in the field of Public Health would be a great way to teach in a medical school or in a public health program.


    You could become a medical school professor- which requires being a doctor for awhile first, so it would be many years before you would have the option of being “both”.


    You can teach in a medical school without being a medical doctor, in the capacity of public health, health education, social work, psychology, or any other host of fields.


    Choose between them based on lifestyle and the type of lifestyle you want. Both are great professions. Try to talk to people who do each and see what they like about them. The training for becoming a doctor is probably more demanding and more costly.


    Or you can join the underworld and doctor a teachers degree.


    They are very different types of jobs. They require different skill sets, offer different pay scales, and have different time requirements. You may well be suited for either one, but if you want to have a family (and not drive yourself crazy) you cannot do both at once, short of teaching in med school as mentioned above.

    If you choose to become a doctor, you can also be a mentor for kids. Go into elementary schools and talk about what you do. Volunteer to be an adviser for high schoolers who need to present at mock career fairs. You can still stay connected to education without being a schoolteacher.

    You might also consider becoming a nutritionist. You will be in the field of medicine, but more in a one on one adviser role.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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