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    Is anyone aware of a heter to walk from long island to manhattan or the bronx or staten island on shabbos or yom tov? Doesn’t it facially violate the tchum when you cross the bridge and continue 2000 ammos?


    Don’t know the first thing about Eruvin, but ???? ??? ?? that is it possible the constant flow of traffic in cars (which are reshus hayachids) extends your makom shevisah?


    Rav Schachter and his wife used to go for walks on Shabbos. They would cross part of the George Washington bridge then stop and turn around because the bridge is farther than the T’chum.


    My boich tells me that the East River crossings are likely less than 2000 amos. They are made for walking (at least the W-brg bridge and Bkln bridge are) and in the 20s-50s, people regularly walked between Williamsburg and the East Side.

    The Verazzano Bridge is far longer than 2000 amos and was made primarily for vehicular traffic-not walkers. There may be more of a problem there.

    (I know the shiur for burganys would be 70.7 amos, but that is chutz la’ir. When you’re in the city limits, we are not machmir on gaps that small.)



    So then it would be talui on whether we think NYC is one city or not. For eruvin, we treat it as multiple cities, and that is why we accept the non-brooklyn eruvin even according to Rav Moshe’s psak.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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