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    sry, not sure if this is the best place to post abt this but genuinely don’t know where else… instagram and twitter haven’t rly helped so I thought I’d at least try.

    any teen girl BTs out there? who are currently still in HS plz (sry older girls, looking for ppl in this stage of life). it’s been hard to find ppl to relate to me and I just wanna create some sort of network for ppl in my situation, just a place to genuinely grow and have meaningful and interesting convos. I’m sure there’s someone out there who also needs this, so bzH u will come across this post.

    p.s: if u think this post is out of place (I’m aware there aren’t a lot of teens on here), but have any leads of where it would be better to post abt this (does anything like frumteens.com still exist 🤔) or anything, lmk.

    thanks 🙂


    reach out to Oorah and sign up for their summer camp ASAP, you’ll enjoy it and hopefully find friends there.


    Go to Brooklyn Jewish Xperience (BJX)


    Talk to Oorah and/or NCSY about summer camp. Oorah is often for people a bit further along in their journey, whereas NCSY has camps for people at every stage, but both are amazing options.

    I know many people who went through the NCSY system and found incredible support. Contact your local NCSY chapter (just Google it and email them). NCSY will help in so many ways. You will get to know other teens on their own journey, connect with regional advisors (college aged people who can guide you), and so much more. These local resources will be there for you 24/6, with group shabbatonim (weekends together), educational materials, inspiration, emotional support, and honestly, just to go have fun.

    Best of luck on your journey, and keep up the great work!


    Contact Ohr Naava

    yaakov doe

    Not surprised that 2 who commented assume that the young woman is in Brooklyn or elsewhere in the Metro NY area. There are Jews both assimilated and frum all over the USA. If she’s not in the Metro area OORAH AND NCSY are the most likely to assist her on the road to a frum life.


    I don’t understand why everyone’s suggesting kiruv organizations. The OP wants people to talk to; jt isn’t clear, but if she is a would -be member of frumteens (which was mekarev me, so…) then she’s probably too religious for NCSY. They do some good work with non-frun kids, but their activities are not always in keeping with halacha. They have mixed events, and there is a lot of interaction between genders.

    Oorah is mainstream frum, but you’ll encounter other teens who are not as frum yet.

    My suggestion would be to get yourself invited to family’s houses who have daughters your age within the hashkofa group that you’re drawn to.


    and why do you assume that beevee is a teenage girl and not a 40 year old man looking for H.S. girls


    hey, thanks everyone for your answers;

    I’m already a part of my local ncsy (even though yeah, I find it a bit too modern sometimes), but apparently, I’m the first BT they have found in a really long time (like 20 years or something), everyone is surprised when I tell them my story. so even though I have made some friends there, most are either “modern FFB” or they sort of just do whatever they want, so yeah, no one like me.

    I’m not sure if Oorah is active here, I will try to find out more.

    also, I’m not in the NY area.

    so basically I do BH have made amazing friends and have plenty of guidance from mentor figures I’ve gotten to know along the way, but I sometimes just want to feel like I have friends who are going through the same things/challenges as me. you don’t necessarily get that with teachers, rebbetzins or FFB friends.

    and why do you assume that beevee is a teenage girl and not a 40 year old man looking for H.S. girls
    because I would probably be looking someplace else if I were a creep, not on the yeshiva world…


    Provax: Because??
    …while caution is always prudent, your comment is totally inappropriate and w/o any basis


    hi, anyone have any more ideas?

    thanks a mil


    Hey op:)

    Sooo I’m not totally bt but i grew up loosely modern orthodox- mother half covers hair etc.
    But became more frum a couple years ago and now go to frum school.

    Parents arent thrilled.

    I also have no other friends who are baalei tshuvos- either they’re very modern and a bit stand off ish that I only wear skirts now lol:) or my frum friends who I’m not so open with that I’m bt- i don’t really talk about it and some just assume that I’m a baalas tshuvah or they don’t even know i didn’t grow up the same way they did.

    If u wanna talk and connect more maybe we could email or smth- whatever’s easiest.

    Hatzlacha and thank you for posting this!!!


    hi @shevayipoltzadik

    so happy u found this!

    ok so I’m not an expert on this yet, but earlier I tried posting another answer and was wondering why it was taking so long to get approved by the mods. maybe they’re busy, but I think it’s most likely because I posted an email address and that’s probably not allowed? so I’m not sure how we can talk privately, ig let’s see if they approve the other answer.

    all the best 🙂


    hi sheva! so happy u found my post. I understand what you’re saying, I’m also not actually that open abt it so ppl just assume wtvr they like lol. anyhow, yeah we should keep in touch, this is my email [email protected] (sry I’m aware it sounds like a sketchy address but my regular one has my full name haha

    all the best 🙂


    @shevayipoltzadik are you there? sry to be annoying but that email thing has some issue with the servers so the answers aren’t going through, just wanted to make sure you’re okay lol

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