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    im looking for a traveling camp for teenaged girls.

    iv heard of dkty but they are already full.

    iv also heard about camp leep and this new camp nesiot. Anyone know anything about these 2 or if you know anything else please let me know.

    Please also include contact information for the camp and a website link if there is.



    I believe Barnum & Bailey has a travelling camp.


    Sheva this are two of the best frum camps out there


    Nesiot is new and im a bit nervous to be traveling to america (from england) for my first time to a camp no1 really knows much about.

    it also sounds like nesiot goes on trips that are more for th american girls who want to go to these random cities that iv heard nothing about. Jeep goes to place like hollywood and california and places like that which are more famous. Jeep is alot more expensive tho and shorter:-(.

    I really want to know about jeep from people who have been.

    any1 got plans to go to jeep or nesiot this year?

    I really dont know what to do!

    Bnos machanaim in israel is quite snobby from what i hear. Iv also already been around israel.

    what other cool camps are there around?

    I am also considering purhaps working as a staff in a camp/ hotel or something for part of the holiday to earn abit of money and to get the expirience (i have some expirience running kids clubs). If any1 knows of a hotel or camp that are looking for staff (or maybe a family wants help) for pay please let me know.



    sheva try agudah Israel camp it’s a very good camp


    Rema711: i cant find it. There are so many websites. Can you give me a link please.

    thanks every1 for taking time to help me.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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