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    I recall when I was the younger the pressure I felt when I conjured up that talking with someone in public would be embarrassing and tried to circumvent the person. I also remember as a teen going into a high end fashion store in Palm Beach and coaching my father not to ask them what the prices of things are. So the other day our teenage son conveniently didn’t tell us about English PTA. When cornered as to why he said he is embarrassed to see us in his yeshiva. My wife and I are decently presentable nothing to be embarrassed about. Is this completely normal and common? Curious to know how rampant this is.


    Pretty common, but it passes with time (figure, when they hit 26-28).

    And its usually over dumb things. My current offense? I buttom all the buttons on my jacket (as opposed to leaving the bottom one (or two) open.

    And the fact that I say what I mean, instead of spouting the party lines.


    Maase Ovid simian labonim and b) you must be the type of parent your father was in that case…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

    I used to have a teacher that had a kid( baby goat I guess) in my class and used to embaress the kid just to get the clss to think of shim as humorous … Sick sick and sick to the point where the kid just stopped coming to that class… Not sure how he got away with it though…

    Im not saying you are doing this ness but maybe think more back to your childhood days in order to put yourself in your sons shoes… Which you have done already, so your on the right track, hatzlocha!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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