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    I. M. Shluffin

    I run a small summer camp for 10-12 year old girls who come from different frum schools in different cities across America. I don’t force the girls to daven shacharis but I allot them a specified time to do so and I encourage it. It gets me frustrated that some of them are anti-davening (“It’s bad enough that they make us do it in school”), and seem to be peer-pressuring the girls who do daven by chatting and laughing and saying hurry up. I’m wondering what makes it a good experience for some girls and a waste of time for others? I don’t want them to see it as something boring – then yes, there is no point to it except to practice kriyah. I’m not asking to reform all the schools and institute a national cheshek tefilah program, but I’m looking for suggestions to implement in my camp this summer.

    Reb Eliezer

    Emphasize the importance of Tefila at least once a day. Point out whom and what to daven for, so tefila will not be a burden.


    the commen way how we educate our children to daven is by encouraging to say the words, say it clearly, look inside, stay in one place etc. we are missing the main point of what davening is all about. its a time when we connect to our father in heaven, as we stand in front of a king, etc. its expressed in the words we say but tefila is an avoda shebelaiv. focusing on what davening is really all about might help children to have a feeling and a desire to daven


    Have them read once a day from Praying with Fire

    The little I know

    If our only concern with being mechanech children is to insure they are compliant, then whatever forms of lecture, reward/punishment, etc. may work. However, I shudder when I hear discussion in this vein, because ultimately, tefilah needs to be seen as a privilege, and an opportunity to create and enhance the connection that every Yid has with HKB”H. Allowing it to be a chore, even with full compliance, won’t accomplish that.

    We are addressing tefilah as a value, not an action. The best, and probably only successful successful, way to achieve this is by appropriate models. That means us.

    Do we portray the yearning to daven?
    Do we make it our business to be in shul on time?
    Do we abstain from talking and other distractions during davening?
    Do we ever show our children that their tefilos are holy and effective?
    Do we make frequent reference to the role of tefilah in dealing with the challenges of life?
    Do we expose our children to the emotional side of tefilah?

    We should eachthink how these questions should be best answered, and then look to implement these in our lives. Then, watch the kids responses.


    The little i know.
    I agree. to be a דוגמא חי’ a living example is the most powerfull way of teaching.
    at מתן תורה was רואין את הנשמע, once heard a פשט’ל: students SAW what they HEARD, meaning what the teachers were telling them what and how to do things they saw it being practiced by the teachers and others.


    2 ideas that worked when I was in camp.

    1) Have a daily davening raffle for the girls who davened beautifully (raffles can be given out after davening to avoid disruption of kavana) and the winner gets a spiritual prize (otherwise it looks like ice cream is better than davening…) we got Rebbe pictures – so whoever is the Gadol in your group / a Sefer… Works very well for turning the peer pressure the other way.

    2) for more long lasting change, can combine with a brief davening thought / story before davening every day.

    Good luck!! What can be accomplished in the 24 hour environment of camp can be more powerful than the entire school year for many children!


    chabadshlucha, excelend ideas

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