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    I do not know if there is any merit to this “Tefilla” which I wrote. There are so many sick and hurt children and young adults; perhaps this Tzoro calls for a separate “Tefilla”. Perhaps it would not hurt to say something like this, in addition to Tehillim. Heaven Forbid that I suggest it take the place of the Holy Tehillim. Maybe it might stir up a heart to say Tehillim with more earnestness.


    Here it is:

    Our beloved Father in Heaven, please be filled with mercy for ill and injured children

    We feel as if we have no emotional strength to conduct our normal lives as long as their lives hang in the balance

    Let the pain in our hearts for the children enable our prayers to ascend as pleasing Kurbanos to Your throne of glory

    Help us storm the heavens with Tefillos, remove all barriers preventing our prayers from reaching the Heavenly gates of Mercy

    Please hearken to our cries and change Your decree for the beloved children to one of mercy and happy tidings.

    For Your sake, do and not for ours; see our standing before You like paupers and empty-handed

    The soul is Yours and the body is Your work; have mercy on Your handiwork

    Dear Father, we are tormented by the images of tender, sweet children shuttled in and out of hospital rooms

    Terrified of the medical procedures being performed, desperately crying for their parents protective arms

    You see the suffering and terror that these adorable children must undergo; you hear their every cry and whimper

    You are our Shepard and we are Your flock; have mercy on Your little sheep so fragile

    Let their cries, like the bleating of tender lambs, cause You to ascend to Your throne of mercy and turn the tide for their salvation

    Oh Hashem, all their parents wish is to raise their children to a life filled with Torah and Mitzvos

    Please answer their deepest prayers and yearnings with happy tidings

    For with You is our hope and Your salvation knows no bounds

    Ribbono Shel Olam, my heart pains me so much regarding the desperately ill and hurt children

    Look at what terror they and their parents are going through

    Mothers and fathers, horrified, bursting into tears seeing their most treasured child suffering in critical condition

    Not knowing how the Mishpat concerning their child will be finally adjudicated in Heaven

    May it be Your will to return a verdict of life and perfect health for them

    Our Father in Heaven, we are tormented with worry regarding the fate of the children who are standing on the threshold of life

    As if loved ones were stranded on a ship in stormy seas, not knowing if they will come back to us

    Bring these children back into the safe harbors of good health; free their parents from perpetual fear and worry

    Master of the World, our health and illnesses are all from You, our every heartbeat has Your Name stamped on it

    In our moment of weakness we become bewildered, fearing that You have forsaken us, leaving us to the vicissitudes of nature to inflict illness indiscriminately

    Please do not forsake the children and their parents in their greatest moment of vulnerability and need; do not hide Your radiant countenance from them

    Please deliver unto them their personal salvation, from suffering to total relief, so that all will know that nothing stands in the way of Your mercy

    You are our living Redeemer, our fortress in times of distress, our banner and refuge, the portion in our cup on the day we cry out

    May it be Your will that our few words should cause the fate of the children to be brought before You in a favorable light,

    Remember how Avrohom Avinu repressed his mercy for his son to do Your will wholeheartedly

    In his merit today please do not hold back Your healing powers from his beloved stricken children

    Even when everything seems lost, it is never too difficult for You to bring a cure instantly

    For You Hashem are All Powerful – All the glorious wonders of the world are Your daily deeds

    Please let our prayers today release a bounty of Shefa Tov and mercy from You to bring a Refuah Sheleima for the children

    And may the children forever be a beacon of hope for those who are in need


    this tefilla truely stirs the heart. As i asked about your shiduch teffila – do i have your permission to print this?


    Yes you certainly have permission to print both prayers. Some time back I wrote a prayer on behalf of childless couples. It is still on YWN (Tefillah section) with the title: Is it time to Daven on behalf of childless couples?”


    well done


    Very nicely said.

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