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    I wrote a “Tefilla” for teens at risk. Please kindly write your ideas to improve it – I think it needs more “reality check” from people who have been through this terrible suffering (parents or children). To me, I can only imagine, but I have no 1st hand experience. Thank you very much.



    May it be Your will, our beloved Father in Heaven,

    To bring the terrifying plight of teens in crisis before Your Throne of Glory most favorably,

    And remember them for salvation and mercy from the eternal high Heavens.

    Feeling like such outcasts, no place in this world to belong to; prostrated to the dust is their soul, stuck to the earth is their body.

    Father Dear, why do You conceal Yourself? Forsake not Your afflicted young children – deep down their eyes are turned expectedly up to You,

    Waiting for You to lovingly create a path for them back from the edge of the steepest cliff, for besides You we have no redeemer or savior.

    Arise- assist them. Please rescue them and return them to Your holy embrace for the sake of Your kindness.


    Master of the World, please remember how these precious children once had such cherubic faces.

    How they were so recently contented with even the simplest pleasures of life.

    Dear Father, we are tortured by the images of the same tender, sweet children,

    Now tormented, living in the street and the worst conditions of an earthly Gehenom.

    Inside themselves, they are terrified of the horrible things their torn souls and unwholesome company tell them to try.

    Only You can feel their desperation, inwardly crying for their parents protective arms,

    While outwardly walking to the drum of a cold perverted society that snatches pure holy souls into damnation.

    For Your sake, do and not for ours; see our standing before You like paupers and empty-handed,

    As we attempt to cry out to You over the anguished state of our young brothers and sisters.


    My soul is utterly confounded, I am worn out by my sighing, unable to attain rest for my weariness,

    Because I watch my young brothers and sisters lost on a ship in stormy high seas, gripped in a death vise by raging waves,

    While I remain on shore powerless to rescue them.

    But as for You, merciful Hashem, there are no limits to Your ability to save Your beloved children, in a split second.

    Father Dear, return now, look down from Heaven and see, and be mindful of Your sons and daughters,

    Forsaken to hopelessness and endless darkness day after day; even Shabbos and Yom Tov bring little respite,

    As these special days only remind them how all their early happy times of their childhood were turned upside down on them.


    When I hear the sweet voices of beautiful children singing

    How can it be that these same children would end up on the street.

    Father Dear look how frightened your children are not knowing where the morrow will take them.

    So unlike their counterparts, who get their 3 square meals, Daven, learn and go to sleep,

    While they know not what, if any, food they will eat, where they will sleep.

    Did You not give them the same genes and potentials as all other children?

    Oh where has it gone and where will it go?


    You, Your Torah and the wholesome spiritual life stemming from its fulfillment.

    Please, for the sake of the Avos and Imahos HaKedoshim who are in so much anguish over their lost children,

    Give these holy Neshamos Your full attention to cure them of their emotional and spiritual agony.

    Father Dear, give them an avenue, their own unique way in holiness- so that they can strive for greatness,

    Channeling their virtues and strengths to become close to You.

    Let Your strong hand protect Your children from all harm and bring them happiness in a most wholesome manner.

    O Hashem return them, illuminate Your face so that they may be saved.

    The little I know

    With all the sympathy in the world, I must make this comment. Tefillos need to be written by people of considerable stature. There is a tefilla from the Chazon Ish ZT”L. There are others. I would avoid composing one, but would be more than happy to support the pressure to have gedolim do this, much as several responded to the pressure to compose a Kinah for Tish’a B’Av to address the churban of the holocaust.

    This is undoubtedly a real tzoroh, both in magnitude and quantity. Anyone wish to begin the petition that would bring this to our gedolim to meet this desperate need?


    The little I know: Perhaps you are right and I have no business writing this “Tefilla”, considering my low stature (I am not saying this to jest – I really know I am low in stature). However, I wrote this Tefilla in response to the advice from my Rebbi Shlita. I do not know what good will come out of this writing. Considering the low response to this thread, I guess very little will come of it. For sure, if the Gedolim write the Tefilla, it will be a million-fold more valuable (or more).


    SilentOne, I think this prayer is absolutely beautiful. And you ARE a person of considerable stature. Don’t listen to the naysayers. I have nothing too add or change to your prayer, as I think it is perfect and amazing the way it is. May G-d answer this prayer. And in my eyes, you are a gadol, for what you’ve gone through and how you came out of it. Keep it up, keep writing, and may all your prayers be answered. Don’t worry about the low response to this thread, that means nothing. It is the quality of your OWN words that matter most.


    MiddlePath: Thank you so very much for your wonderful words of Chizuk and support. Your words come at such a wonderful time for me as I going through a very low period. You have given me Chiyus and reason to march forward. Yasher Koach and you be blessed manifold for your kindness.

    Think first

    SilentOne— its a materpeice of a teffila one that’s unfortunately so relevant in our times.

    May Hashem answer this prayer and shine his light upon these youth within whom so much kedusha lies.


    Think First:

    Thank you very much for your kind words, which validates my efforts so much.

    I wrote a paragraph to daven for the parents of these children, but did not include it in the “Tefilla” proper:

    ***************** ************************

    Crushed by their own inability to steer their children onto the path filled with such aromatic and breath-takingly beautiful flowers

    To turn all this beauty aside to paths so foreign and so stenchful, for reasons no one can understand

    Oh Hashem, all their parents wish is to raise their children to an emotionally healthy life filled with Torah and Mitzvos

    Please answer their deepest prayers and yearnings with happy tidings

    For with You is our hope and Your salvation knows no bounds

    The Best Bubby


    May all your tefillot be answered as well as klall yisrael’s!

    I have done kiruv work all my life and it is written from the depths of your heart to go into other people’s hearts.

    If every person would take notice of just one or two neshamot, we would all be in a better palce. These neshamot all stood with everyone at Har Sinai and said NASEH VE NISHMA!!! Don’t forget your brothers and sisters….give mishaloch manot, invite them for a seudah, invite them for a shabbos meal, smile at them, invite them for a coffee and piece of cake, have them partake, without any questions asked, for a Pesach seder or meal. The rewards are so great!!!!

    Silentone: keep up your wonderful writings and prose! It is a gift from H’KBH!!!! Simchas Purim!

    The little I know

    I hope I was not misunderstood. Anyone can be mispallel for anything using their own words. That is not the issue. When it comes to authoring a tefilla to be “koveya” for others, then we are in a different ballpark. Here, there are issues of insuring that the tefilla is consistent with the dictates of halacha, kabala, etc., and that is a responsibility that comes with qualifications. I might aspire to achieve that level, but I have no reason to think that I have ever approached it. A personal tefilla does not need to qualify in any way, except to be the true emotion of the person saying it. In fact, the seforim speak much about those tefillos that are done by way of thought and meditation, not even put into the spoken word. As for the chosen language of a tefilla, one does not need language altogether, but one can rest assured that HKB”H understands us, regardless. The Kedushas Levi – R’ Levi Yitzchok of Berdichev noted that a parent always understands even the gibberish and mispronunciations of his/her child. So, too, HKB”H understands us, His children, without regard to our actual speech.

    May HKB”H inspire all those who need to become closer to Him, children and their parents.


    SilentOne…The strongest Tefilla are the ones that come from the heart…wonderful job

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