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    I once heard that we’re not supposed to say tehillim at night. Is this true? If so, can you tell me the source for this/reason?


    I understood that night is precisely the right time to immerse oneself in material related to emuna. The basis for this comes from ????? ??? ???? ????

    “????? ????? ???? ??????? ??????”

    Tehillim sounds like a good fit.


    I remember when I was in Israel and I went to the kotel at night, people told me I should not say tehillim then.

    What happens if someone wants to daven for a loved one at night? They’re not allowed to say that specifically?

    Has anyone else heard of this??

    I think night is a good time for cheshbon hanefesh. It’s quiet, with few distractions, so we feel truly alone and ourselves with H’ and can own up to where we are holding (and can work on our emunah).


    from halachafortoday Web site

    There are many who are careful to avoid saying tehillim at night for kabbalistic reasons, but al pi din it is muttar.


    Chabad doesn’t say Tehillim at night.


    Some say that you can’t. The Tzitz Eliezer has a T’shuvah where he explains that even most of the Shittos that hold that you can’t say Mikrah at night hold that Tehillim is okay.


    So, Most hold that it’s mutar. Great!

    Thank you.


    I heard R’ Yosef Veiner discuss this question and he said that if you can say Tehillim during the day instead, it would be better. But if, you will not do it during the day or you will waste that time at night, its better to say Tehillim at night.

    If one has a Tehillim group and it can be changed to during the day (or Thursday night), better to do that. But if even one person will stop coming, better to keep doing it at night.

    This Shiur can be found on Kol HaLashon under Tefilla.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Night is my only quiet time. On most days it is before bed or maybe not at all.


    For Chabad, the prohibition against saying Tehillim is anytime before Chatzos. However, saying Tehillim at the bedside of the sick is OK and even commendable. I believe the prohibition involves the daily portion of Tehillim. From others (non-Chabad), I have heard that night is the time of gevurah while day is the time of chesed, and that the recitation of Tehillim at night invites judgment rather than chesed. The exceptions would be on Friday night, the 48 hours of Rosh Hashanah and on Yom Kippur.

    My grandparents began Tehillim before shkiah and concluded after nightfall. This was OK because it was just a continuation of an action initiated before nightfall.

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