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    lol thank u soo much!!!! btw im totally being 100% honest here i wanna babysit 4 uuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!! :)i feel like i keep babysitting 4 the same 2 families but i want variety!!!!


    This thread needs a revival because it’s misses some pet peeves I have lol. I am a teenage babysitter and one of my biggest pet peeves is last minute calls or inconsistency.

    The way my babysitting works is a bit unconventional, the children come to my home and then I give them naps and feed them and take them to parks etc,etc. Some of my babysitters have been completely inconsiderate of my time and while I am aware that I am not doing them a favour and that I am being paid, I do not charge much and I am not paid by the hour, I’m paid by the day.

    I proceed in saying this speaking from my own experiences and nobody else’s, just as the babysitters who have vented their pet peeves did not direct their annoyances to all parents.

    I never expect my kids to have been napped or fed, etc but it takes a lot of effort into making my home a safe, joy filled, play area for your kids to enjoy and it is not appreciated when parents cancel and then try to re-initiate those canceled plans last minute when by then I have made other commitments. I have had far too many parents do this with no remorse and it puts me in a difficult position where I comply every time. It is not fair.

    I wish some of the parents in this thread would consider where babysitters are coming from when we say these things before shutting us down and insinuating that we are ungrateful or spoiled, when this is where the frustrations root from.

    If I am feeding your child (with my own money and food), creating fun activities for your child (with my own money), creating a fun safe space for your child with my money and resources : I am doing a service. I am not simply “watching” your child run around and make a mess. I am doing a service (and making a mess with them LOL). I am not asking to be paid 300/week or anything outrageous. I get paid 20 dollars a day from 9am to latest 7:30pm. I love your kids, all I want is some consideration for my time. It’s just not fair.


    Who pays $20 for 10+ hours of work? That’s insane.


    Is that like a quarter of minimum wage? A bit more than a counselor at sleep-away camp.


    It’s not a wage. It’s more like tuition.


    when you come home and we tell you that your kid was screaming the entire time that you were out, dont say “aww, i feel so bad for him…” – I was the one dealing with him the whole time!

    and when i tell you how much i charge, dont say “well when i was your age, i got payed $2.50 an hour, so we’ll compermise and i’ll pay you $4 an hour”

    for heavens sake that was thirty years ago! and especially if before i came i told you how much i charge!!!


    if you have tenants or are expecting someone,tell your bbsitter!

    its really terrifying wehnyou hear ppl yelling in the bsmnt.

    and when you randomly c ppl oopening up the garage

    these are all trye stories that happend to me while i was bbsitting

Viewing 7 posts - 51 through 57 (of 57 total)
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