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    Did the women give things for the Mishkan, besides the kiyor, or were they mainly involved in the weaving part?

    Israeli Chareidi

    According to my son’s rebbe, the women were the first ones to donate their jewelry. I’m not sure what the source is.


    We just learnt this week from an amazing special women(descendent from r’ shmuel bernbaum zatzal) that yes in fact women gave all there jewelry up!!!!


    Daas Zekainim says they donated all the jewelry and that’s why Rosh Chodesh is their yom tov(Shulchan Aruch).Also Rav Moshe said that when the women came with their husbands they wore their jewelry to show that they are giving what they like not old jewelry stored away.That was the greatness of the women of klal yisroel.


    I ony have 1 query on Terumoh:- Why do most of the Chumoshim commence Shelishi at the wrong location? Shelishi is supposed to commence by “ve’Es haMishkon Ta’asah” and not before the Parsha of the Menorah, which is still part of Sheini.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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