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    ive just realized that eleul is almost over and i havent done teshuva!!! what shold i do? i feel like im failing and i know this isnt the way i should feel? does anyone have any advice for me?

    thank you for your replies!


    maybe you should sit down with a notebook and systematically go through your different middos/aveiros and try to figure out what you need to do teshuva for…


    Well, I like to have a heart to heart discussion with Hashem. Best time to do it is alone. Close the doors and just basically tell Hashem exactly what is on your mind. Let Him know all your hopes and fears. Things you want to improve on in your Midos. Hashem sent us to this world to improve ourselves. He knows we can’t be perfect. He just wants us to try and the rest will follow.

    I want to tell you a story of something that happened to me. A few years ago, I was really into reading Tehillim. I told Hashem, I could just read all your praises day and night if I just had the time and not have to worry about the housework and the cleaning. Do you want to know what happened?? The cleaning lady who I had to let go a few months earlier,because finances would not permit(she wanted more money), came back and asked if I needed her back. Hashem actually sent someone to me, so I could read Tehillim full time. Unfortunately, my emunah is weak and I told her no. My point is, when you come to Hashem and you mean what you say, truly from your heart and soul, especially in a an area you want to improve in, Hashem will surely listen to you and send you the help you need.

    Good luck in all you do and Tizku l’shanim rabot!!


    ok so i came up with a few things…now wat do i do? do i say ill try not to do them again…bc i probably will?



    okay so now that your recognize ur short comings…there’r 3 basic steps ( each of which need introspection)

    1. Charata-Regret…u need to really think about how your sins/shortcomings and regret how they either had negative influence on you or at least prevented you from Growth and how they must of upset Hashem, who loves you dearly and holds you to such high regard and who wants to see you live up to your potential and not hold yourself back from it.

    2. Azivas Chait-literally “leaving sin”-u must stop try your best to stop doing these sins…show Hashem your trying your best to fight Yetzer Hara…it makes no difference if u’ll succeed or not…its the trying the counts…Hashem looks at the conscious effort and toil u put into stopping the negative activities….the rest leave up to Him..He will help u overcome them.

    3. Kabala La’atid- you have to consciously decide that you do not want to repeat these sins( this is regardless of whether u’ll do them again) but u must want not to do them in the future…Hashem can see thru your heart and can tell if your sincere about it. YOu can daven to Hashem to help u not repeat these sins by telling Hashem that your human being and need heavenly assistance to repel the Yetzer Hara( evil inclination). G-d doesn’t expect u to turn into an angel overnight…working on onself can take a lifetime…but as long as your sincere about every teshuva then Hashem gradually leads u to successful repentance and growth.

    Be Happy

    Take one thing to improve on. When you’re happy that it has been achieved (even if it takes you all year!) take something else.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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