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    Less than 5000 people in bp were tested, if we want to cut our rates in half, just have more people get tested


    The sick people need to stop testing


    You mean the opposite. The more people you test, the more aysmptomatic people will be detected and also many false positives will be added to the numbers since dead cells also show up as positive. If we would all stop testing now altogether, or only very high risk people (not more than one per family) we could not the rates down all the way. If someone has mild symptoms, its not dangerous in most cases. If someone has severe symptoms, he should get treated regardless of testing as a precaution.

    Decency is Key

    You’re correct. Governor Murphy (NJ) has requested that healthy people test to improve their rates.

    The testing rates are statistically flawed as they don’t reflect the health of the general population at all.
    It makes me think that Cuomo is spreading these libelous claims to exact revenge for the fact that we opened camps in the summer successfully and without any uptick in other states when he refused to allow it. How dare the Jews defy his draconian decrees. He’ll show them.

    In short, yes we probably should have more people test.


    Our senator caucused and held all the power in the state for years, and when personally pressured didn’t fold.

    We (as well as everyone else) give the mayor as much grief as possible.

    And again like others politics is polarized now more than before


    Simcha caucused with the right.

    We have moved to the right.

    We give the mayor a tough time.


    why do you believe the governor? Research PCR testing and you will see how inaccurate it is and how the only way to stop the numbers is to stop testing. Time will prove that they will shut us down in any case so stop listening to people who do not have your best interests in mind.


    SR -“If we would all stop testing now altogether”

    I agree. Anybody with S/S should stay HOME or exposed to s/o with known Covid19, for 14 days.
    If elderly or other Health Issues & symptomatic, take HCQ + Zinc (or Quercitin if HCQ is Not available).

    “so stop listening to people who do not have your best interests in mind.”

    And You DO?!?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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