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    So there are testing stands popping up in jewish neighborhoods. Obviously they want to spike up the numbers. “Come test it’s free” they say. It would be a good idea to test if you feel good in order to lower the positive rate, except that they obviously won’t count the negatives only the positives so that it seems there are only positives in the Jewish community.

    But if we don’t test soon the government will get upset that jews don’t test and claim thats why the virus is out of control and we aren’t abiding by the rules. They already claiming that jewish schools don’t comply to testing.

    So is this anti semitism inevitable? It’s surreal that it’s happening. They will always change their tactics. In certain posts here we spoke about anti semitism rise. Some commenters stated that as long as government isn’t anti semitic, it’s fine and disregard the average shmo who yells out an anti jewish slur here and there.

    But now the government is being openly anti semitic by the day. Do we need to start packing? I’m being serious we can can all see the situation unfolding. Daily anti jewish articles, tests being claimed on yom tov when we don’t test, and more an more hatred which they are hoping people will catch on and chas veshalom start attacking us. What are we to do?


    The Zionists are no better than the American secularists.

    Civil disobedience might be an option. Americans have a long history of supporting peaceful resistance to government. It is for Daas Torah to decide whether to fight, and how.

    Few living can remember when to be a Yid meant to live with limited rights, and under constant persecution and discrimination. This is actually normal and we should get used to it, and remember as our ancestors have for centuries, that this is only the fake world, and our attention must remain focused on the real world.


    The only option is to have the leaders organize en mass the people who had it already should test and noone else should test. This way we will flood the market with negative test.


    akuperma but Israel is the homeland of the Jews.


    Rava “The only option is to have the leaders organize en mass the people who had it already should test and noone else should test. This way we will flood the market with negative test”

    Yes but are they going to include the negative tests? Not only that, as we already know there are false positives whether purposely or not, who’s to say we aren’t giving them opportunity to turn those negatives into positive on the charts?

    Conspiracy you say? Is it a conspiracy that they labeled anyone in the hospital no matter the issue as a covid patient to make more money? No it’s not not a conspiracy.


    No, the Zionist State of “Israel” is a political construct (as in a governing entity), not a land. Therefore, it is obviously not the homeland of the Jews.

    As akuperma noted, that political construct, the State of Israel, happens to be far worse than the gentiles here.

    As to Eretz Yisrael, that used to be the homeland (in the literal, not Nationalist, sense) of the Jews until Hashem kicked us out, forbidding us to return to E”Y either en masse and/or against the wishes of the Nations, as well as forbidding us from claiming political sovereignty.

    The Zionists, representing only themselves, not the Jewish people, in their Zionist quest to remake the Jewish people from a Torah-based nation into an idolatrous/godless Nationalist gentile-type nation, flagrantly violated all of the above and more with their creation of their heretical State of Israel, intentionally usurping the name of our Jewish people, “Israel” as the name for their idol State.

    ☕️coffee addict


    It’s possible that those tests will come out “false positive” because there could be dead virus still in the system and it will read that (I know someone that it happened to)


    Even with the false positives it should still be enough to make our community look good

    meir G

    do u have any factual basis that they are ” not counting negetive tests”?


    All this kvetching reminds me of this old joke

    Yankel sees his friend Moish in shul and asks him how the job search is going. “I’m ap-p-p-plying for a j-j-j-job in b-b-b-broadcasting as-s-s-s an announcer”. Yankel wishes him hatzlocho and moves on. The next week they meet up again, “Nu Moish, how did the interview go?” “Feh! I d-d-didn’t get th-th-th-th-the job, they’re all ant-t-t-t-t-ti S-s-s-s-semites!”


    100% this is a conspiracy theory that they will not count the negatives. Really baseless. It isn’t so hard to understand that the positive rate in Jewish communities is high given the disregard for mask wearing and social distancing in many circles. Of course, many Jews are ver careful and adhere to all the rules, but let’s not pretend that we all do, a large number of shuls were packed on Rosh Hashana without mask wearing. We have lives to live, but there are consequences.

    Hakatan. You know very well that you are representing just one side of the argument. Taking a strong stance doesn’t make your position stronger, it just minimizes your ability to have true ahavat yisrael.

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