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    To think that 7 years ago the biggest problem was texting.. the things we are dealing with today.. Hashem should help us


    Yes, we must now deal with people bumping really old

    threads, which they could not do 7 years ago. 😉


    theres no need for your teenager child to have a cell phone while still in high school. s/he should be mature enough that if they go out of town they don’t need to call their parent every night-like a baby-before going to sleep, & for the times they need a phone (to send money or something else etc…) every school or yeshiva still has a payphone.

    so why do our teenagers today need a cell phone? are they less mature then high school students were 20 years ago? if your gonna say anything about safety, theres an office & payphone that every school has to reach you child any time.

    would love to know the full true story why a high school student of todays generation cant manage without a cell phone. we did it for hundreds of years with no issues

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    You could ask the same about yourself, your cell phone, computer, and for that matter, indoor plumbing.


    I never got a car until 8 years after i got my driver’s license

    BECAUSE I DIDN’T NEED ONE my house was near my work and near the stores etc…

    “Get what you need not what you want” today people are spending so much money on 3 vacation and 3 cars a year and then they wonder why they have no money. Isn’t it common sense that food clothing and tuition come first?


    Mashiach Agent

    Not every yeshiva still has a payphone – phone companies remove them if they aren’t used enough.

    And what does having a cell phone have to do with being less mature?

    Are you less mature than you were 20 years ago?


    Comlink: why the big aversion to bumping old threads?!

    Mashgiach Agent: I do agree with you that high school age kids do not need cell hones, though I must add that one thing on your point

    ” we did it for hundreds of years with no issues”

    the world is a much scarier place than it was a century ago. Now it would be considered unsafe to drive with out a cell phone, people are less scared to attack others, and there have been too many assault stories making me scared to have my kids drive without taking my cell phone with them.

    But that does not justify teenage kids having iPhones!! Or even texting!



    Teenagers need to have cell phones for safety when they are not in school. This may sound like a radical idea, but it’s not unheard of for teens to sometimes see the outside of those school walls. (Also, while you may be able to reach your child on the school phone, they may not be able to reach you.)


    Rebyidd23: Why does my son need to take a phone with him when he runs down the street to the grocery? Is this world really THAT unsafe?


    The world is that unsafe.

    ED IT OR

    and if the world is so unsafe unless its a nokia 3310 that one could kill someone with what is a mobile phone going to help?


    hir i almost got run over in the store by a woman who was pushing her cart with one hand cause she was on the phone.


    Calling for help in an emergency is often what makes others aware of the situation so they can help.


    Crazybrit: thank you good point. if the world is that bad than a phone wont help my 5 year old son.

Viewing 14 posts - 51 through 64 (of 64 total)
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