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    The fool gave Palestinian terrorists money. You duchaning hear a lot from them under Trump. We aren’t even a half year into a Biden Presidency and look what’s happening. Any jew who voted Democrat voted for this. If you have a soul you should publicly apologize.


    Lakewhut: Get some help. If you cannot see the stupidity and recklessness on both sides, not sure you have a clue of whats happening. The inept Palestinian “leadership” is exploiting every misstep by the right wingers in the Israeli political circus who want to use this unrest to stoke fears and keep Netanyahu in power. For a change, Biden has pushed back on the lefty Dems who have been demanding he “send a message” to Israel and kept the U.S. out of it.


    Lakewhut – You’re absolutely right!
    Anyone with any Brains knew what the Palestinians would do with the money that the West gave them.
    This is true about all the Dough Obama gave Iran. They put the money into building up their Nukes.
    Either the DemonCrats are extremely Stupid by giving them money or they committed Treason by Supporting Terror in the Middle East against our Allies!

    The Real Truth

    yes you are right

    ☕️coffee addict


    Hashem is ממליך מלכים

    IyH this “war” will bring משיח and this wouldn’t have happened if trump was president

    I would take משיח over Trump

    anonymous Jew

    GH, the Palestinians are fomenting the violence, period. Are you calling the final enforcement of a court order to evict arabs illegally squatting for 40+ years an inept act? Your friends Sanders, AOC and Warren are blaming only Israel, citing the LEGAL eviction.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    IyH this “war” will bring משיח and this wouldn’t have happened if trump was president

    I would take משיח over Trump

    CA, that’s an odd comment. You’re basically saying you’re okay with rockets being shot at Yerushalayim.


    GH you get help if you’re sympathizing with the terrorists.

    ☕️coffee addict


    You’re right, I don’t live in ירושלים and if I did I wouldn’t want that to happen so I shouldn’t want it to happen living outside of ארץ ישראל

    Sam Klein

    Everything, from the Meron Tragedy R”L to the shooting from Hamas today to the terrible holocaust R”L that our grandparents experienced etc….. Is ALL COMING DIRECTLY FROM HASHEM. Hashem runs the entire world-behind the scenes-and all rulers are just acting middlemen agents of Hashem to run that country or big company etc….

    We all know everything above is the honest truth “Lev melochim byad Hashem etc….” When a Tragedy R”L hits klal yisroel there’s no one to blame but ourselves mostly for not waking up to Hashems call for serious teshuva BEFORE the Tragedy hit klal yisroel cause we all know the true fact of “Ain poranius baolam Ela b’shvil Yisroel” which means there are no tragedies that hit the world other than on behalf of klal yisroel account and we are all held responsible for not doing serious teshuva together and preventing the tragedy from happening.

    Let us all gather together tomorrow on the day of erev rosh chodesh Sivan when our gedolim said should be a day of tefilla and serious teshuva but let’s do more then that an add something so Hashem should see we are serious. Take upon yourself to make it a fast day also or a half day fast, say extra Tehillim and learn extra as a zchus for klal yisroel towards the bringing of Mashiach


    GH: your comment is way out of line. To blame Israel for having rockets fired on itself is a shameful, immoral and unethical take on what is happening there. Shame on you.


    Unlike the rest of you, I am glad for GadolHadorah’s comment. She is exposing herself for what she really is.
    The only other explanation is that she is trying to rile people up. If that’s the case then she is just as sick.


    CA -“IyH this “war” will bring משיח and this wouldn’t have happened if trump was president”

    Nothing brings Moshiach except Teshuva!
    Right now – the almost take over of Israel by the Left & the Stealing of the US Presidential election, I don’t have much hope!
    This is why Hashem makes Wars – to Awaken everybody, especially the Jews!


    GH -“For a change, Biden has pushed back on the lefty Dems who have been demanding he “send a message” to Israel and kept the U.S. out of it.”

    You Libs are finally admitting that the Real Antisemities are from the Lib Leftists!
    Who denounced Israel, in this war, the Right Wingers, like the Proud Boys or the Libs, like Omar, Sanders, etc.?
    E/o Now knows who our Real Enemies are!



    Why are you defending anti semites that are republicans? I really want to know.
    There are anti-semites in both parties.


    Jackk, which elected republicans are you referring to?


    If you were born to a Jewish mother and voted for Biden, you are not my brother. You are my enemy. Your vote is to blame for those rockets pouring down on Israel. Your vote is to blame for the price of gasoline, lumber, steel, and the impending economic disaster.


    TVOP -“Jackk, which elected republicans are you referring to?”

    When you catch the Libs with their constant Lies, their only recourse is to Lie more!
    Watch the State Dept. Response to Reporters about the current events.
    That’s what you get from Libs controlling our Gov.!
    Poor Palestinians!
    Israel and Jews have No Right to Exist!
    Trump was a fool to Not declare Martial Law when he saw the Election being Stolen!


    The one that was thrown off of all her committees.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Jackk, how would you compare her response to the situation in Eretz Yisroel now to the response of the squad and Bernie?


    Reb Dov,

    I am sorry that you feel that way.
    I don’t think Rabbi Miller would approve of hating Frum Shomer Shabbos Yidden who voted for a democratic president.


    @Jackk, Rabbi Miller would have spit in your face,
    And there are about 40 democratic congress members and Senators who are anti semites compeared to one looney tune on the GOP


    Yes, he would have hated Democrat “Jews.”
    You voted for the murders of Jews in Israel at the hands of rockets.
    You voted for $750 Million for our enemies.

    Russia is massing troops on the border with Ukraine. Ukraine is threatening to take Crimea back by force. China is threatening Taiwan and its neighbors while also threatening our ships and Navy. N Korea is testing missiles again and restarting their nuclear weapons program. Iran has been emboldened and making more than their normal threats.
    Our southern border is a humanitarian disaster caused directly by this administration, and the administration that promised transparency is hiding it and not letting the media have access. Ford is closing a plant and moving it to Mexico after just bringing it back from Mexico because of the current Administration’s plan for Increased taxes.
    Price of steel up 145%,
    Lumber 126%,
    Wheat up 25%,
    Food index up 25%,
    Cotton 35%,
    Silver 38%,
    Copper 50%,
    Soybeans 71%,
    Oil 80%,
    Pipeline jobs lost.
    Wall construction jobs lost.
    1.9 trillion in stimulus that funds the administrations pet projects and only paid a fraction to the people.
    29 trillion in debt with 4.8 trillion projected 2021 deficit before the 2 trillion dollar stimulus proposed today for the new green deal. 🤦‍♂️
    9+% unemployment with millions of job openings that can’t be filled because federal unemployment assistance makes it more advantageous for people to stay home than work.

    Fast food places, doctor offices, landscapers, etc. cannot fill the jobs up! We’re doomed.


    Dov -“Yes, he would have hated Democrat “Jews.” Etc.”

    Well – what do think was going to Happen when No One stood up to Stop the Stealing of our Election from Trump?!?
    This is just the beginning of the Commy Takeover of this Country.
    But I think, once this gets worse, the Good people on both sides, Left and Right, will get rid of this Administration!
    I hope that I’m right, and that we are Not entering into the Fourth Reich.


    Dear Mods,

    I avoided reading tip topic until now. Wednesday 2 PM This is ridiculous. Jews are in the crossfire in Eretz Yisrael. All Jews should be United In Prayer. My grandparents told me many times that the six day war and the months leading up to it, Jews were conscious of each other all over the globe. And what do we have here? Jews putting each other in the crossfire over what a couple of goyim think or said? And almost all of it is totally stupid. If these two presidents would have the other party affiliation and kept the same statements, these posters would turn on their heroes in an instant. Are Jewish values so trivial that flying rockets mean less than political partisanship? The politicians themselves do not place this much value on party allegiance.

    I have no idea what these Jews say to themselves. Being anonymous on Jewish site, does not stop the effect on our community’s precious value system. That system is our only weapon for survival. Contrary to what goes on here, there is no real values in politics. The real values are all in Torah. If for some reason you do not want to delete this entire thread, at least let my out of line rant join the others.

    Well put and I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for posting it, and with that….



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