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    When buying merchandise at a retailer, should the customer thank the merchant or should the merchant thank the customer (with a “thank you”)?


    When buying merchandise at a retailer, should the customer thank the merchant or should the merchant thank the customer (with a “thank you”)?

    Is there some pressing reason why one should not do so?*

    The Wolf

    * In other words, not to say that is should be required to do so, but is there some reason I should not do so if I wished to?

    The Buzz

    A little Hakaras Hatov on both ends goes a long way. I have a store and it always feels good when a customer compliments about something in the store – it makes me want to go the extra mile even if some of you will say I’m egotistic. Thats how Hashem made me. I work hard to bring you the products you want. you thank me and I’ll thank you!

    When I take my kids to stores, museums, etc we always thank the workers. It’s just good middos! What does it waste from you – 3 seconds of your time??


    and should one who is thanked respond with your’e welcome……….oh, come on .

    me too

    I should really thank my corner grocer for stocking brand X (almost good enough) when I am too lazy to walk another 2 blocks to his competition who has a real selection


    And who’s supposed to say it first…but what if he/she/me/you is older…and what if it’s the opposite gender….seriously, guys!

    Do whatever your Mommy and Daddy taught u to do when u were three.


    what if the merchant is male and the customer is female? Or what if the merchant is a non Jew and you….this ethread is a bit silly. Basic manners says say please and thank you all the time….


    So the concensus is both the sales clerk should thank the customer, and the customer thank the checkout person. Is there a protocal who should say it first and who second?


    Is there a protocal who should say it first and who second?

    Does it really matter?

    The Wolf


    So an ideal situation might go something like this?:

    customer puts cereal on checkout counter

    clerk scans it

    customer gives credit card

    clerk packages product and gives it to customer with receipt

    clerk says “Thank you for shopping with us.”

    customer says “You are welcome

    [very brief pause]

    customer says “Thank you.”

    clerk says “You are welcome.”

    always here



    QUESTION: “When buying merchandise at a retailer, should the customer thank the merchant, or should the merchant thank the customer?


    (It’s called mentshlichkeit.)


    and this is my ‘two sense’

    i think the it is a sad day when this becomes a public question.

    what does it bother you to say a simple ‘thank you’???

    YES, YES, YES, say thank you as often as possible and to whoever there is even a slight reason to say it. it doesnt hurt, it makes people feel good, it doesnt cost you money, and ultimately, what goes around – comes around.

    it is like asking ‘do we say thank you to the bus driver’? too often i have heard people say, well he gets paid to do his job, why does he deserve a thnak you? the answer is, he did you a favor and took you from A to B!! it makes no differnece he is getting paid, he did you a favor say thank you!!!!!

    you went to the grocer and he has the almost good enough product, you were too lazy to go a further two blocks to get the better stuff, so what??!!! you bought something, he brought it there for you, no differnece that he wants your custom and needs you, say thank you!!!!

    or maybe i will never thank my parents agian for all they do for me, after all, they caused me to be born, so they owe me everything they give me!!!! does that make sense to someone????

    and my wife, i will never thank her either, she married me, she has to do everything for me!!! maybe that makes sense to someone???!!!! of course we say thank you, whether she owes me or not, in fact the more she owes me the more i should be grateful and thnak her!!!!

    it never hurts to say thank you, if only to make the checkout girl feel good, say thank you!!!!

    and ultimately, if we say thank you more often, we are ultimately training ourselves and making ourselves a person who has Hakaras Hatov, so becoming a better person. in this way, we also grow to appreciate more all that Hashem does for us bringing us closer to Hashem and the Geula Shleimah!!!.

    thank you all for reading!



    I am in the habit of saying “Thank you” to everyone I come across. I even thank the toll collector and the policeman who gives me a ticket.

    Politeness is the lubrication for the social wheels. I have found, that everything goes better with a “please” and a “thank you.” My mother taught me this over 50 years ago, and it is still true. Thanks to her training, I do this automatically.

    Thank you for reading my post.


    I once asked the cash register clerk why he doesn’t say Thank You to the customers. His reply: I don’t have to; it’s already on the receipt.


    That’s sad, cherrybim.


    Capitalism says the merchant thanks the customer.

    Decency says the purchaser thanks the merchant.


    Decency also says the merchant thanks the customer. Thank you for choosing me out of the hundreds of other people who are in the same business. Thank you for being such a pleasant customer!


    Most Merchants thank the customer on the shoppin bag 🙂

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