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    If canada or were mexico lobbing missiles into the united states and killing civilians and army personnel, the united states would not hesitate to bomb the heck out of those countries. Yet they feel comfortable telling israel what to do….

    The Biden administration has cautioned Israel in recent weeks against the notion of “a limited war” in Lebanon and warned it could push Iran to intervene, two U.S. officials and one Israeli official told Axios.

    Why it matters: The exchange of fire between Israel and Hezbollah that has been ongoing since Oct. 7 dramatically escalated in the last two weeks, prompting some people inside the Israel Defense Forces and the Israeli cabinet to call for significantly expanding the fighting against Hezbollah.


    The current peace plan that Biden announced originated from Netanyahu, not from Washington.

    Israel always to a greater or lesser extent licks up to Washington’s demands since if America dropped Israel as an ally Israel is up the creek.


    advising, cautioning, alerting , warning, dissuading, counseling, encouraging, instructing, pointing out, and urging are what countries that are friends and partners do all the time.
    Israel is the final arbiter of it’s military needs and America is it’s needed partner.


    When Donald Trump was USA President, the USA had Israel’s back.

    When Joe Biden was USA President, the USA stabbed Israel in the back.

    But PLEASE, don’t let that stop you from voting for Joe Biden,
    because Jews always have to be the only people on Earth
    who always love and help their enemies.


    by the title of your post i thought you were commenting on the new Hatzolos Nefashos organization and the rabbis letter.


    Joe, your true colors are showing. You actually believe that Israel is dependent on the US for success.
    We have Hashem. We don’t need the US. Yes, we do our hishtadlus to try and have allies, but if they turn away from Israel, we will still be fine. Hashem is protecting us.
    You’d do well to remember that. After all, the Israeli soldiers know it – why don’t you?


    Jack is a hamas sympathizer. He yearns for more oct. 7’s bc this will make his Master, the Incontinent, happy. I would praise jackk for his loyalty to the Incontinent, however he doesn’t need to stand next to him so his loyalty hasn’t really been tested.


    “I think Israel made a very big mistake,” he said. “I wanted to call [Israel] and say don’t do it. These photos and shots. I mean, moving shots of bombs being dropped into buildings in Gaza. ” Donald J Trump. Now go vote for him and see what happens next.

    Dr. Pepper


    Look back at history- in 1979 the Iranians took over the US Embassy and held 50+ hostages for over a year. Carter couldn’t do a thing, he was too weak. What happed on the day President Reagan became president? How long was it until the hostages were released once a strong president was in office?

    History repeats itself over and over again and everyone sees that except for those who purposely don’t want to.

    The despots can smell a weak US President from halfway around the world. Why do you think none of this went on when President Trump was in office?

    Who are you going to vote for? The weak president who allowed all this to go in under his watch or the strong president who had the despots all over the world shaking in fear?


    DaMoshe: The State of Israel doesn’t believe in Hashem. Israel is an atheist state. The state started with communists. Israel is officially Mechallel Shabbos with public transportation, entertainment and much worse. The army has a long reputation of znus. Israel officially supports the eating of treif. Even their leader is an atheist treif fressing mechallel Shabbos.


    Plenty of mechalelei shabbos in Israel. Also plenty of chareidim learning Torah whose lives deserve to be protected. they say tzyoinistim yemach shemam as well as anyone here. Why judge them for death merely because they are doing the mitzvah oof yishuv eretz yisroel?


    jackk: if you look at the contect of trump’s statement he was not talking about the bombing, I can understand democratic-party fanboys making the claim that Biden has been pretty good to the Jews (even if i disagree) but no one seriously thinks there is any question about which candidate would be better. the claim that trump will not be as good for israel as biden is laughably dumb.

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