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    I thank him every day!

    There is just so much to say……….

    Thank you hashem i am healthy

    thank you hashem i am wealthy

    thank you hashem i have food to eat

    thank you hashem i can walk with my feet

    thank you… etc etc.

    I appreciate every day

    that’s all i can say!


    Thank you, APushetaYid

    For your sweet, little rhyme

    Your words are important

    To remember all the time

    Hashem’s endless gifts

    His constant love and care

    Must always be appreciated

    (Finsih off with any line here)

    Hey, why do poems sound so easy to write, until you actually try to write one?


    This is worth 50 posts! Keep it coming!


    I would add to this thread, like I created a similar one (thanking HaShem) without a rhyme. Problem is I can’t write a poem, AT ALL. So jealous of you guys, limericks and poems effortlessly flow like a fountain!


    Just write a few lines that rhyme to each other

    Don’t rhyme words like bother and brother

    Try to be sure the meter matches

    It should not sound like it’s made of patches

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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