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    Amil Zola

    Rather than spend another summer being jealous of your pool, I took the leap this year and had one built. The design and prep work took as much time as the build out, large parts of my flower garden had to be moved and the current fencing expanded. I’m pleased with the results. The water is on site today and the pool is being filled. I cannot wait until I get to take a dip.

    Sam Klein

    Make sure you also don’t forget to thank Hashem who sent all the messengers from the lawyer to the township approved to the pool contractor etc….


    Thank you and use it good health…………………
    It was one of the best investments Mrs. CTL and I ever made. This is our 25th summer using the pool. With all the grandchildren here since March it has been invaluable.
    Three years ago, we made the decision to heat the pool…it was $3500 well spent. We used to open the pool June 15 and close it Labor Day as schools were about to open.
    This year, we opened it in April and will keep it open until mid October. Our youngsters are not using public parks, trails, ball fields this year. Only G-d knows how schools will open this fall.
    Using only our own labor we added a trampoline pit this spring, an additional Basketball 1/2 court and yesterday, we mixed and poured a concrete strip for shuffleboard and hopscotch (potsy to old time New Yorkers).
    Our children and grandchildren have acquired useful skills needed by homeowners and have a real sense of pride and accomplishment in using things they help construct.
    We have been mocked for having a family compound, but 2020 has shown this to be a wise decision.


    Amil: Given your location in the Pac NW where the annual rainfall may approximate an Amazon rain forest (no pun to the nearby Amazon campus) have you considered installing a rainwater collection system that would fill the pool in a manner that would satisfy hilchos mikvah and CR posters from the metro area could come by an toivel if the Governor were to shut down public mikvahs?


    When’s the YWN Coffee Room Pool Party taking place at the CTL compound?

    Amil Zola

    CT, when my husband and I were planning this home we initially planned on a pool. My spouse was nifter during construction and at that point in time I was I focused on getting the construction completed . I’ve been putting off this project, but now with Covid and our community pool closed it seemed to be a good time to get the work done. During fair weather I live outside most days so the pool is a respite from the heat. I did include a gas heater as well as a solar heating system. I suspect I’ll use the gas more in the spring and the solar in the fall .

    Gadolhad, my home and property are private. There is both a private and ‘public’ mikvah in our town. My husband and I have always financially supported the public mikvah. As to rain, excess water will be detoured to a small riparian area that was part of this construction project.

    Sam, I live outside the city limits in what we call the county, permitting was not required. All construction was done to city and state code regardless. I thank Hashem many times a day for the comfortable life I have. I do not leave gratitude to wait for a special occasion, it is part of my daily and sometimes hourly life.


    It would have to be a virtual pool party.
    CT has restrictions on those coming from 22 of the other states.
    I will not risk our extended family’s health by bringing in a group with unknown health risks.
    @Amil Zola
    I am glad you were able to fulfill your original plans for the pool.
    We planned a pool when we bought the property more than 30 years ago. 5 years after we moved in and were in the midst of never ending renovations and additions (original house is more than 200 years old) the town put in sanitary sewers. Once we hooked up, the septic tanks and leaching fields could be removed and a large pool installed.
    We also live out of doors as much as possible in New England. I have a full outdoor kitchen and a smokehouse for meats and fish, as well as an outdoor pizza oven. We grown and can (or freeze) lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
    We went solar for electricity, cutting summer bills from $1200 per month to $10 per month.
    This Covid period with all the youngsters in residence has allowed much construction, teaching them homeowner life-skills, they would never learn in Yeshiva or day school. I was very lucky that when i was in Junior High I went to Yeshiva in the morning and public school in the afternoon. Back in our days boys were required to take shop courses, and I learned woodworking, plumbing, drafting and electrical skills that have been in use for more than 50 years.

    Small town or country living is not for everyone, but it works for us.

    Amil Zola

    CTL This is the first year that I’ve not done a veggie garden but with the outdoor remodel I did have water run out to a potential garden plot. Right now I’m quite satisfied with my custom CSA from a local farm.I still can, not as much as I did in earlier years when we were always inundated with guests. When blueberries were in I dried two flats and froze two. Same with strawberries. And I’ll put up some tomatoes later in the season. Last week I made a gallon of garlic dill pickles but they will need a few more days before I test one.

    I think it is great that you have the youth helping out with construction. I was always included in helping my father with his projects, my brothers were not so inclined. I did all the brick work for my outdoor cooking area and the tile for the two bathrooms here. This winter I will be working on my second raw edged bookshelf, all joined.

    I enjoy hearing your tales of the compound, it is heartening to hear that your grandchildren are getting experiences not found in camps and educations not found in books.

    The Shady Charedi

    clearly צפית (anticipating/expecting) the geulah


    I’m glad you all are enjoying the pools but I can’t help thinking of all the tragedies I have heard of the years involving backyard pools, even when seemingly good precautions were taking. PLEASE, in your posts remind people of what they need to keep kids unattended out!


    Since it hasn’t happened in thousands of years there is no reason not to be comfortable until it happens.

    Amil Zola

    Thanks for your concern Moshefrommidwood. I don’t anticipate any children using my pool. Should an interloper choose to climb over an 8ft wood fence and find their way through some densely grown firs, they would encounter an electric fence. If that didn’t deter them ,Sam and Dave my border collies would not welcome them. If they could evade Sam and Dave I’m sure some motion sensor lights would give them a surprise. Then there is the pool fence and alarm. You see I knew I would be living out my days as a single elder in this home and I’ve done my best to secure my property and person. I’m also well armed. Teens who choose to pool hop would likely do that in town based on convenience alone.


    Moshe from Midwood………………………..
    Both Mrs. CTL and I grew up in homes with private in-ground pools. Our siblings all have them as well as some of the married children, nieces and nephews.
    We have never allowed a child under 12 to swim unsupervised and the pools are fenced and alarmed. Our youngsters were taught to swim the summer after they were out of diapers. It is always safety first.

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