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    Again. (it’s back to work again)

    Curse word. No?


    This is a four letter word.

    (get it? this)


    In our language, the word is ?????.

    Things like eating, going to the bathroom, earning a livlihood are important (try living without them), but in the final analysis, they really aren’t all that important. They pertain to the waiting room we are stuck in, but no more. Also note that while we have brachas for eating and going to the bathroom, we don’t have a bracha for earning a parnassah.


    saw the thread title, and got the right word. In my world, the bad word is h***k. (ok, technically h******k, but thats too long to bother with when there’s so much of it to do)


    Happened again. I had to w**k. TERRIBLE!!


    ZK: Your posts are almost always full of wisdom, chizuk or humour. I find this thread none of the above.

    Thank Hashem you are able to work. People would love to but can’t due to health reasons or are out of a job or other issues.

    I know you’e trying to be humourous. But people sometimes don’t realize how grateful they must be for being able to work.


    computer777: I’m sorry that you feel that people should not be humorous.


    Actually we do, akuperma. “Barech aleinu… mevarech hashanim.”

    And i have to agree with computer7; with all our friends out there looking for work it seems a bit petty and self-indulgent to kvetsh about work.

    yaakov doe

    What exactly does that word mean? I think I’ve heard of it once.


    It’s the curse that we earned because of the cheit of our forefather. After yom tov, when we were able to taste the sweetness of learning and avodas hashem full time, it’s harder to deal with. But it’s important to remember that this is the ikkar, and we shouldn’t get to comfortable with parnasa and materialism, because when moshiach comes it’s just going to be one long simchas torah!


    Thank Hashem you are able to work. People would love to but can’t due to health reasons or are out of a job or other issues.



    Feif Un

    I think t**t a f**r letter w**d is not s**h a bad thing. We h**e words t**t are g**d and s**e t**t are bad. Ultimately, it’s up to the u**r to decide how and for w**t each w**d is u**d.


    well put, f**f un! 🙂



    I didn’t think any of my posts are especially full of anything you mentioned, including this one. You’re 100% (*10) right. I should be thankful that I’m able to do work, and I get paid for it too. THANK YOU, HaShem!

    What I was referring to is the ???? (curse) to Adam harishon of ????? ???? ????. HaShem cursed us with manual mundane labor. Moreover, he set about a feeling of cause-and-effect, that produce (and dough) follows the efforts of one’s input. That one should actually WANT to work, and feel an urge to INCREASE and GROW one’s business/profession/work (curse). In reality it’s not that way. HaShem just makes it appear that way for many reasons. One, for without that no one would so much as lift up his finger. HaShem wants his creatures to be busy, to lead a fulfilling life.

    But in reality, us, the ?? ?????, have really something else entirely to be busy with. Keeping HaShem’s Torah and commandments – ????? ??????. That is ideally what our sole interest and focus should be. ???? ?? ????? ????? – work we have to – it should ideally be in Torah. If we were at a higher plane, it would suffice us to be totally involved and focused in spiritual matters. Worldly sustenance and goods would follow. That is living the life of an elevated “oved” similar to Adam harishon before the misstep. Where he was busy with mitzvhos (????? ??????) and malachim would bring him the finest olam hazeh has to offer.

    Unfortunately after his misstep – the life we live in the present, we cannot occupy ourselves totally with the spiritual, we must also toil with the “earth”. That is ????. Gashmius and Ruchnius must coexist – through our efforts. We must share and expend our concentration and attention with the mundane.

    I think there’s a medrash on the pasuk in Eichah ????? ?’ ???? ?? ???? ???, of something to the effect of HaShem having set us up in the fashion of a slave whose master won’t feed him. He must work for himself, for his own survival, and at the same time, concurrently, work and labor for his master. So too, we, must be busy with our basic survival – professions, labors, businesses, and at the same time be wholly and totally dedicated and involved with HaShem and His Mitzvhos – our sole purpose in this world. That is what the Navi was lamenting.

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