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    The Arizona Senate Republicans just released information on the funding of their much-hyped “Forensic” Audit of 2020 Election results in Maricopa County. As you recall, these dedicated protectors of Arizona taxpayers only allocated $150,000 for the Cyber Ninja firm they selected to perform the audit–hardly enough to pay for one week of this circus, much less the 3 months it has been going with no end in sight. Not to worry, they went out and solicited “donations’ from patriotic Americans so that the circus would go on (and on, and on). Well, 90 percent of the $6 million raised thusfar came from several totally neutral, freedom loving, objective and truth-seeking groups whose only interest is stopping the steal.
    The biggest funder is the America Project—led by former Overstock CEO (and confirmed rightwing nutcase) Patrick Byrne—which has given $3.25 million. As you recall, Byrne was one of those in the WH (along with Crazy Rudy, Mike the Pillow Guy, Sidney Powell etc) telling Trump to declare martial law).

    Next was Michael Flynn’s group, America’s Future, which donated more than $975,000. Flynn also was pushing Trump to declare martial law, and more recently was contemplating “shooting someone in D.C. ” with a new AK-47 he was awarded.

    Third, was the OAN Trumpkopf TV network which raised $600,000 for the audit. As you know, they are providing 24×7 “live coverage of the audit” (which is more exciting than watching paint dry) and their journalists providing play-by-play coverage of the Cyber Ninjas (including an especially compelling piece of their starting their day singing God Bless America followed by dancing to Lipa Schmeltzer’s arrangement of that Trump Theme song “YMCA” (by the Village People).

    And last, but not least, $550,0000 from Sidney Powell’s group, Defending the Republic. Of Course, you recall Sidney as Crazy Rudy’s sidekick at those “new conferences”  edited  in Pennsylvania and who has declared that Hugo Chavez came back from the dead to hack all the Dominion voting machines.
    With such ehrliche patriots funding the Cyber Ninjas, who could have any doubts about the Forensic audit outcomes (now scheduled for Shushan Purim 2022).

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Eh. Still pales in comparison to government officials raising bond money for animals killing, burningand destroying the country.

    Next topic


    P.S. Within a few hours of my OP yesterday, the Cyber Ninjas suddenly declared the Audit was over and dumped the 2 million ballots back in the parking lot of the Maricopa County Board of elections. I never knew Arizona Republicans were such avid readers of the CR and clearly my commentary embarrassed them to the point of quickly closing down the circus. Also, one of the Republican senators who supported the audit jumped ship yesterday, calling the whole process an embarrassment for the state.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Funny you say that because that story came out way begore yours and I had no doubt when i read your post that your point was to prepare the conversation in advance. The “who me?” Gives it a nice touch.

    But really I’d rather be friends, we’ve done so well lately 🙃


    Syag: My day job (on most days) keeps me from tracking the “breaking news” from Arizona but I agree that my timing was several hours off. There are rumors that the Ninja Tump Warriors have packed up the circus train and waiting to move on to the next “Forensic Audit’ in Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania or Michigan where Biden also “stole” the election.
    On a serious note, I’ve been depressed all morning after reading CT Lawyer’s leave of absence note. He has been such a stalwart defender of commons sense, accuracy and progressive values over the past several years and does so with much greater patience and elegance than I would ever aspire to. Will be a challenge defending Fort Woke in his absence against the dark MAGA forces gathering in the distance.


    Don’t know why it’s a big deal who funded the audit, seems to be a non-story to me. Also don’t know why you seem to take anything out of them completing the audit. Ya, that’s how most things work, there’s usually an end to everything. You can call the process an “embarrassment” all day long, but the points I’ve posted in other threads have to be answered. And they’re not. Why. Here’s the link to my points. Page 2.

    Democrats cheated, Biden won


    Statement from Chairman Jack Sellers Responding to Latest Senate Subpoena
    It has now been 10 months since the November 2020 election, yet the Arizona Senate Republican leadership continues to deny reality. The election held in Maricopa County was one of the best run elections in the United States. Real election experts all agree on that point.

    Maricopa County long ago provided to the Arizona Senate everything competent auditors would need to affirm the accuracy and security of the November General Election.

    The latest Senate demands are an attempt to distract attention from their botched audit and conspiracy-obsessed contractors.


    For months, the Senate’s audit team has had access to the items they need to confirm Maricopa County’s tabulators were not connected to the internet and thus were not hacked during the November General Election. The certified auditors hired by the County needed just two weeks with the machines and logs that we turned over to the Senate to make such a determination. They have what they need.

    Arizona Senate leadership hired the wrong people, enabling and enriching unvetted, unqualified, private companies with known biases who never should have touched federally-certified elections equipment or the people’s ballots.

    Elected officials have a responsibility to tell all their constituents the truth whether some of their constituents like it or not. Lying to constituents to make them happy is an abdication of responsibility.

    The Senate and their privately funded contractors should finish their “audit”, release their report and be prepared to defend it in court.


    I have to believe that even the most passionate CR Trumpies understand that this Arizona scam really is a bizarre circus that has zero credibility but they enjoy their little game. In case your following the latest details, make sure to sign up for Mike The Pillow Guy’s cyber-symposium next weekend where he will reveal the evidence that will have SCOTUS immediately issue a 9-0 order directing that Biden be removed and Trump reinstated.


    Jackk, this is stupidity, the only “distraction” here is the Maricopa County repeatedly refusing to comply with the LEGAL subpoena, for MONTHS already! Just give over the equipment and this will be over! What are you hiding?? “oh yea, if we give over the equipment it will be a distraction…” sorry jackk, that’s not gonna pass. 37,000 login queries on March 11th, deleting prior history, we deserve to know what thats about. We deserve a confirmation that the Maricopa’s half hearted, and non-sensical response to the cyber ninjas’ accusations make sense. Hopefully the Maricopa board will soon find themselves behind bars for refusing to comply with the state issued subpoena. You don’t get to scream “unprofessional”, and “zero credibility”, when you don’t have an answer to the evidence of fraud.

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