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    I just heard that there will be another “Big Event” – Sheya Mendlowitz is producing it and of course Lipa will be back.( They reportedly have the support and approval of Daas Torah this time). I wonder what will be different about this Big Event in terms of it being “muttar” now?

    Belev Echad

    They have the approval and support of Daas Torah now.

    which means there should be no questioning, doubting or criticizing.

    Because Daas Torah, in any circumstance is to be taken at face value, no questions asked.

    So whatever the Rabonnim decided is what we should accept, no questions asked.

    Any debating about wheteher or not the Rabbonim are correct is such a scary approach…please don’t fall into that trap.

    Whatever they say, is the correct thing.

    And that’s all.


    is this true?


    I also heard about it…..


    Belev Echad:

    That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard. Don’t we have brains which we can use – or are we the Rabbis’ puppets?

    Belev Echad

    Give me a break, i don’t want to sound harsh, but ur a bit mistaken.

    of course we’re not puppets.

    of course we HAVE to use our brains and think for ourselves, you are absolutely correct, of course we have to make our own decisions…to some extent.

    But there is a reason why we are commanded to follow our Gedolim.

    when you have a group of Rabbonim, who you ACCEPT and agree are your Torah authority, who you acknowledge know and UNDERSTAND more than you do, then what they say goes.

    i’m not saying every little shnook with smicha do you have to follow what he says.

    but if you agree that a certain person is a great Rav, and a Gadol, THEN your arguements and reasonings go out the window.

    we are not supposed to follow our Gedolim only when what they decide “makes sense”

    we are suppposed to follow our Gedolim even if “What they say makes no sense”

    they are our gedolim. we follow them and trust them.

    if you have a problem with this, i suggest you speak to your Rav.

    i hope i didn’t offend you in my effort at persuasion, if i did please be mochel me.


    belav echad, we are not commanded to folloow gedolim! that is nonsense. we are commanded to follow a melech, a nave, and your rov. thats it!no gedolim, no agudah, no igud, no councils of of rabbis. nothing! just nowadays, the rov you chose for yourself.


    mariner I beg to differ. A godel buyisroel who paskens is Hashems mouthpiece because he knows the Whole Torah and Shulchan Oroch and therefore can Pasken al pi it. This applies to every Godel not just someone who you approve of…


    Who cares about the big event?


    noitallmr: no i am sorry to tell you but you are wrong. 1. no godol is hashems mouthpiece. at least not since teh churban bayis sheini. nevuah is dead, unless your godol to whom you refer is a women, a child or mentally retarded. they still get nevuah.

    and 2. i absolutely do not have to listen to any rabbi alive or dead, if my rabbi, whom i have picked to guide me through life tells me so! this is a fact, not a feeling, or a thing i w=once heard somewhere. this is halacha, you pick a rov and follow, vezeh hu!


    no i am sorry to tell you but you are wrong. 1. no godol is hashems mouthpiece.

    While I absolutely believe that we have to respect our gedolim, the notion that they are Ha-Shem’s mouthpiece sounds uncomfortably close to l’havdil what the Catholic church thinks about the Pope. No one is infallible, not even a great Gadol, including Moshe Rabbeinu ZT”L. People err all the time, including rabbis. I had a rov totally change a p’sak he gave me, the day after he paskened a shailah (and the original p’sak was very harsh and I already had followed it, by the time he changed his mind). I deeply respected that he took the time to continue to check out the halacha, but his initial stance was very dogmatic, and he should have not been so insistent on his decision before having checked the other sources that ultimately caused him to reverse his decision.

    At no time did I argue the p’sak with him, or give him the impression I was annoyed. I followed it to the letter, it was yes-yes or no-no. But it really messed me up, cost me money, time, and effort, and in the end he changed his mind. People are human, they have bad days, they are stricter,they are more lenient, they understand things differently from other people who have equally intelligent minds. They also can make mistakes. No rov should be such a baal gaivah that he thinks he can never be wrong. I have come across such rabbonim, and they are sometimes chalilah marchik Jews from Yiddishkeit with their black and white way of looking at things. Life is in shades of gray, sometimes. That’s why there are differing opinions and shivim panim l’Torah.


    You’re right I take it back maybe it was a bit over said. Not exactly a mouthpiece but his word is law concerning all matters Gashmi and Ruchni…

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