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    I am reasonably sure that justask doesn’t encourage a frum girl to walk into a bare to gather info from the young men.

    But I would not be opposed to a mature adult woman, out of maternal concern, who might be in the bowling alley with family to approach the gentlemen to mak an inquirey.


    The clientele at a bar in a bowling alley is different then the clientele that frequents “a bar”. I have been in both (and yes, I asked a shayla whether I could go on a job interview held at a bar). I am not suggesting that drinking a beer with the guys instead of being in the beis midrash is the right thing to do or the right place to be, but lets put this into some perspective here. People have a hard time separating fact from opinion and hyperbole.



    I would assume that justask was addressing his comments to lgbg, the original poster on this thread. There was discussion fairly recently here in the coffee room about her chasuna – I think someone here offered to make her a sheva brachos – which would mean she isn’t a middle aged woman in the bowling alley with her family. Perhaps justask didn’t know that, but maybe he/she should have just asked.


    charlie brown

    That is correct.

    And I would never walk up to a bunch of guys to give them advice. NISHT TZNIYUS.


    Some communities have been raised to such a high status of “IR HaKodesh” or “IR HaTorah” that any mundane activity is looked down upon. Yeshiva Bochurim in such communities are on such a high pedestal that eating or sleeping or exercising or pursuing any form of recreation is considered improper.

    The Torah was not given to the ministering angels. If we are going to decide that certain forms of recreation are inappropriate then kosher forms have to be provided, even for the “best bochurim”.


    Every thing that needs to be said has been said – YW Moderator!

Viewing 6 posts - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)
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