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    Avi K

    Joseph, there is a whole website that informs single mothers of possible benefits. called singlemomhelp.

    Mammele, riding in a chartered bus on Shabbat is at most uvda d’chol if the driver and most of the passengers are gentile (Rav Moshe prohibits it but there was a “Jew’s ticket in Mumbai during British rule). Stealing is a Torah prohibition and Yom Kippur does not help until it is forgiven. Moreover, as you noted, the former is not a chillul Hashem whereas the latter is.

    Health, you brought up the issue so I suggested a solution. If you agree with me yasher koach.


    Good point. I’ll have to check where I got that number.
    It was probably hundreds of millions- Aaron Kotler quoted it on Headlines Motzai Shabbos.

    Joseph, In my day in Lakewood the reason people didn’t get civilly married was so that each spouse can still be on their parent’s health insurance. Which technically might not be fraud because they weren’t civilly married.

    But it gets sort of weird because many of them got pregnant before they were legally married, which last I checked wasn’t something we’re in favor of.


    Eliezer8687: this baloney that many in chasidishe circles don’t obtain marriage licenses is purely that, nonsense. At most, it takes a few months to have the marriage license done, since nowadays one needs a government issued ID first.



    If someone gives you $100,000 as a gift, you most certainly have to pay income tax on it

    If fact most famously Donald Trump almost went bankrupt, He needed a bailout, and his father Fred Trump had the money. He could not give it to him, so Fred Trump went into one of the casinos and bought $2 million dollars worth of chips to bail out Donald, and he never cashed them in . which is legal


    In the Alter Heim, Chassidim did not always get civilly married. It definatly was the case.



    That’s only after you’ve given $5.45 million in gifts in your lifetime (not including the first $14,000 of each gift).

    If I were to give you $1 Million today, neither you nor I would have to pay taxes on that money.

    This info is very clear on the IRS website as well as TurboTax


    Joseph, you’re not that naive. Without a marriage license, the husband’s income is excluded from the eligibility calculation. For frum yidden, it ethically wrong, if not illegal , to game the system to collect benefits they would otherwise not be entitled to.
    Joseph, you asked how would a health professional know? In filling out the demographics, the mother wouldn’t have sane last name as children or the father.


    ­Without a marriage license, the husband’s income is excluded from the eligibility calculation

    Is that true? I wouldn’t be so sure


    I did some research and stand corrected. NY State apparently requires a marriage license for a marriage to be recognized civilly while the same statute says that if that’s the only missing requirement, it’s still a valid marriage. So, even if they get married without a license but live as husband and wife, it is not considered a common law marriage as they were married by someone who was authorized to do so. As such claiming benefits as a single mother is illegal.

    Avi K

    Unfortunately, some people think that they are still in Poland. The fact of the matter is that many Jews did get religiously but not civilly married there as the law severely restricted the right of Jews to marry. However, to get benefits to which one is not really entitled is at best, as we say in Israel, כשר אבל מסריח. At worst it is illegal. A few decades back a couple realized that their combIned tax liability as two singles was substantially less than their liability as a couple so they divorced but continued to live together. The IRS disallowed their trick. In states that recognize common-law marriage it is definitely theft.

    What really irks me is comparisons to other groups and Donald Trump. Should Jews be emulating their deficiencies? It also amazes me that the same people who are in an uproar over the peccadilloes of the Kushners, which may even be permitted in their situation, make all kinds of excuses for the alleged severe Torah prohibitions (and even worse but if I mention them this post will not pass moderation –
    המבין יביו).

    Once Rav Yaakov Kmainetzky was asked how it happened that the children of a lamdan all went OTD but the children of a simple Jew stayed observant. He answered that the former cheated in business whereas the latter was scrupulously honest. Their children took note. On this see Be’er HaGolah CM 388:11. BTW, some Jewish communities in Europe kept lists of cheats, those who did not repay loans , etc. and gave them to the authorities and individual gentiles (Jewish Law Annual v. 9 p. 72) in order to prevent them from bringing the community into disrepute.

Viewing 9 posts - 51 through 59 (of 59 total)
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