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    Terrific songs!



    Firstly, congrats on your new subtitle!

    Just wanna say you’ve got lots of talent.

    Derech Agav

    i think you boys are definitely talented! why dont you channel that talent for something that isnt ‘mocking’ what we should or should not be doing! Shame not to use you Kochos! I’m waiting to see good things from you!


    “I’m such a tzioni, I sing Hatikva,

    I don’t even pay when I use the mikva,

    I changed my name to Sam, from Shmuel,

    I don’t even like Eretz Yisrooel,”

    How can you be a zionist who doesn’t even like Eretz Yisrooel? 😛

    I hope you guys make another video soon!


    Thanks guys for the kind words, I really appreciate it. I’m not going to promise anything, but there definitely has been chatter about a new video, maybe.


    Hey, LAB- possibly stupid question-

    someone I know made a new version of the song for color war or something and we were talking about it and I was wondering where you guys got the tune from- because she was going to obviously attribute the tune to you guys but we were wondering if you got it from somewhere else.

    She thought that maybe you used a generic beat, but I just figured I’d ask.

    The songs aren’t really my type of thing, so I was impressed that I actually really enjoyed them anyway :). “Things Not To Say On A Shidduch Date” can never be beaten, though…


    The tunes were my own, and the music was arranged by Yitzy Berry, son of Suki (as in Suki & Ding).

    Some people have told me that The Aveirah Song sounds a bit like Livin’ La Vida Loca (Ricky Martin), but I didn’t copy it from there.


    Nu? So where’s the next video already, I can’t believe I still haven’t seen anything new, I am reduced to watching the previous 3 all over again 🙂


    The fourth video is called “How to go off the derech.”

    (No, I’m not joking. Search for it and see.)


    Comlink-X. From Lev Aryeh?


    Yes. (I don’t know how you could have considered any other

    possibility, given my use of the word “fourth” and the context…)


    Until this thread was bumped, I didn’t know LAB actually was the

    creator of those videos, although I had wondered if he was.

    (If anyone’s wondering what Yserbius quoted earlier in

    the thread, it’s “Makhmir” by the Rechnitzer Rejects.)


    @LAB- nice job on the Oorah tickets vid! I was enjoying the Oorah rep’s reaction almost as much as I was enjoying your rhymes. Though what you’re gonna do with 3 shaitels, I don’t know… keep them on your new table just for show, I guess…


    Does the Lev Aryeh guy still do funny music videos around Purim time?


    I know of the Chumra song, Aveira songwriter, lose for Autism and an exercise one. Each is a masterpiece.


    Lose For Autism is unclear. Are they for or against autism?


    Dr. Dreizich/LevAryehBoy just did another shpiel entitled “Socially Off Fundraising Part 1”.


    To see Part 2, come to The SOCIAL CUE at Epstein’s Meats
    in Lakewood on January 21st, from 7:00 PM and on. All proceeds to
    Yeshiva Ateres Yisroel building campaign.


    Yes I think the rich man was too kind. If it were me I would have explained that I will not give to a moised which does not espouse Torah values :
    – being overly impressed and excited with Gashmius not lshem shomayim

    – lack of basic Derech eretz and Hakaras hatov every frum Jew should have, kal vchomer a ben Torah

    – stealing?!

    And I am proud to support mosdos who produce and are represented by true ehrliche bnei Torah, who see Torah as the ikkar and are not impressed by Gashmius (separated from its role), who show how Torah makes a person better than the average Jew and for sure non Jew.

    In this video I would’ve quicker supported the gvir who was much more am example of a Torah yid.

    I was disturbed by the content but found the acting superb! Would love to see more funny videos with great tochen – no need for the two to be mutually exclusive.


    The stealing bit was in very bad taste even if the rest was humorous.


    Yes I found the hat lining part and the blowing on cold hands to be in good humour 🙂


    To see Part 2, come to The SOCIAL CUE at…

    They’ve put that one up now, too.


    I thought of a great theme for your next video as you have a talent for mocking things. How bout making a video mocking the things the yetzer hara tries to get us to do? Like following popular culture, koching in food sports and other Gashmius stuff instead of Avodas Hashem, or any other seemingly innocuous things that lead to worse… How’s that for an idea? Id love to see such a video 😀


    He’s not actually reading this thread (as far as we know).


    LevAryehBoy, the main character in the videos, was a participant in this thread when it originally started.


    Emphasis on your last 4 words.


    Our friend just put out a new Purim video for Oorah called Eat4Oorah.

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