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    I find the Comments section helpful only because many “commentators” add information which is not included in the original post by YWN. But as helpful as these comments are, they are not worth the downside of the clawing and mudslinging between ‘commentators’ and at the protaginists of the post itself (which are sometimes Gedolim, and it is an especially stringent prohibition to be ‘me’vazeh’ a talmid chacham b’rabim). I find YW extremely useful in providing me with kosher news, but the comment sections taints the objective of kosher news by promoting not-so-kosher lashon hara, name calling, motzi shem rah, and a host of other aveiros. I would like to vote for removing the comments sections, and only providing news. Any thoughts on the matter from any ‘commentators’ out there?


    The comments section is kind of like instant letters to the editor, difference being that since space isn’t an issue, most letters will get “published.” I have to weigh the fun of that aspect with being intellectually honest (I basically agree with you).


    the posts are good…nice to get a feel of what the general public thinks…but they should be moderated more.


    Welcome to Web 2.0.


    I would like to see a CR thread “best comments” in the YWN news today. Some are very helpful, many are truly hilarious (my faves of last week were in the Dibbuk story). Since we CR addicts are too busy to read the news, we might miss something CR-worthy!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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