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    Doesn’t anyone play the harp?! “Benevel asoir zamru loy”!

    I play clarinet and trumpet.


    cleverjewishpun, Yea, perhaps I’ll consider an actual tube amp. It’s just my band in high school had a bad experience with a Marshall tube and since then I’ve stayed away from them.

    So about the songbooks, I know he loves both of those complete albums, but I’m just not sure if his playing ability is up to par with them. He likes newer Metal, (Children of Bodom, Lamb of God, etc.) but at the same time, I want to get him something he’ll be able to play.

    Do you think you can build a rack mount for the Ampeg? I’ve done that with my drum module by super gluing two blocks of wood to the bottom of the module and nailing a rack mount to the wood. It’s very stable. But I’m sure the Ampeg weighs a lot more than my module. That sucks about your pedal board. If you use it a lot, it’s probably worth it to fix, no?


    Well, I play a mouth harp (harmonica), also a hammer activated, 7 octave, chromatic harp.



    Marshall Tube Amps are the gold standard when it comes to amplifiers so dont let one bad experience sour you on them. Other brands I like are Mesa/Boogie, Orange, Hugehes & Kettner.

    Well I would think the JP album would be much easier to play then City Of Evil. Those riffs are hard in fact that they dont even play them live. They just let the backing track do it for them.

    Some people on TalkBass have asked the same question about building a rackmount for the PF500 and I’m still waiting to see a good answer.

    Yeah I could fix the pedal board but I think what I really want is to move away from even needing one. Right now I do because I need a tuner, my amp sounds terrible so I need a DI box to give me decent tone, and my wireless is in the form of a pedal. I would much rather have a set up where I dont need to worry about tripping over the board or stepping on a switch too hard.


    cleverjewishpun, you’re right, one bad experience shouldn’t affect the decision, ultimately. I actually love Mesa/Boogie, I’ve played through a few of them and loved them.

    I think the JP album may be easier than the A7X, but still might be a little too difficult for him. But hey, better a challenge than getting something too easy, I guess.

    I see what you’re saying about the pedal board. That’s interesting your wireless is through a pedal. That has to be through a pedal? And there are clip-on tuners you can get for your guitar.



    Clip on tuners arent a good idea as I’m trying to minimize the amount of peripherals I can damage while jumping around on stage.

    Rack tuner/wireless would accomplish that and I all I would need to do is just turn around to tune quickly (we jump tunings multiple times a gig going from standard, to half step down, to full step down)

    Mesa is probably one of the most distinctive sounding amps out there. My favorite being the Triple Rectifier series.

    My advice before parting with hard earned money is to take your personal guitar into the shop and try out any amp you are thinking about.


    Are we still on stage?


    Sure, just gimme time to set up the hammers.



    You’re hired!


    I play to the tune of a good drink…?, ?, ?, ?, glub, glub, glub!!!

    I also actually play xylophone using my beer bottles…hehe.

    oh, and don’t mind my dancing….

    ok Zees we’re set to go! Chanukah Party ….here we come!!


    Can we have our fantastic band play by the CR Chanuka Party?


    sem20 – if you need a photographer, someone to set up the sound equipment, and sing/harmonize, my son’s the guy for you – but you know that already!

    btw, chaplaintzvi plays the drums and sings.

    the females in the family sing too but i don’t think that would go over very well here. LALALALALALALALA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    cleverjewishpun, just thought I’d let you know, I ended up getting the songbook for Disturbed- Indestructible for my friend.

    I hope to go to Guitar Center this week to shop for a new amp.

    Any news on the pedal board or PF500?


    violin ( in deep remission) alto sax (behind closed doors) tenor and alto recorder, and I have my eyes out for a quality wood, or nickel ocarina. Of course, all in moderation. My RY once said that for most, mastery of an instrument or music is a lifetime of bittul torah.

Viewing 14 posts - 51 through 64 (of 64 total)
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